Full Review of 3 Best Selling Eyeshadow Madame Gie

Are you curious about Madame Gie’s range of inexpensive and very popular eyeshadow products? Check out the full review below.

With tagline economically beautiful, Madame Gie has indeed succeeded in making her consumers feel the benefits of beauty does not have to be expensive. In fact, the price Madame Gie’s eyeshadow some are not up to Rp. 30,000 with a variety of attractive color choices.

In addition, Madame Gie issued several variants eyeshadow palette. Well, for those who are curious about the products eyeshadow from Madame Gie’s best-selling, and how the color and pigmentation are, here review in full.

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Packaging Madam Gie Eye Illusions Moondust Temptation is quite beautiful and handy with 6 different variants to choose from. However, what willreview this time it is variant 02 with packaging colored nude beige corals. Madame Gie Moondust Temptation 02 has 10 eyeshadow colors consisting of 6 eye shadow shimmer and 4 matte eyeshadow.

For the color choice, Moondust Temptation 02 is more of a natural and soft everyday make-up color. Texture eyeshadow reasonable powdery, and the pigmentation is uneven. The reason is, there are several eyeshadow the pigmentation is pretty good, while some eyeshadow very little pigmentation even after applyingbuild many times.

Overall, eyeshadow Madame Gie, with a price of less than Rp. 25,000, this is pretty good, especially for those of you who just need it natural make-up to campus, or hangout relaxed. However, you have to be careful when applying it, because eyeshadow too powdery so the powder can get in the eyes. You might lose the romance.

2. Madame Gie – Madame to Go Make Up Kit

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This next Madame Gie eyeshadow is actually a face palette which contains not only eyeshadowbut there blush, contourand also highlighter.

The Madame Gie – Madame to Go Make Up Kit packaging has a very feminine design with 3 choices shade, 01, 02, and 03. Each number has a different packaging color. Size face palette at a price of Rp. 30,000 it is not too small, about the size of an adult’s palm.

Shade 01 has a pink packaging which is perfect for skintone tend to be bright. Variant 02 has a pink packaging color but is more mauve which is suitable for medium skin tones, while the number 03 color of the crème pack is suitable for darker skin tones.

The formulation of the Madame Gie – Madame to Go Make Up Kit product at a very cheap price is quite good. Color shimmer eyeshadow on all palettes easy to blend and passable pigmented. Whereas blush and contour also not chalky or emphasize the texture of the face.

For those of you who are looking for a palette eyeshadow with blush, highlighterand contour affordable but decent quality, this Madame to Go Make Up Kit is the solution. This palette is also suitable for beginners who are just learning make up or for those who like practical makeup when traveling.

3. Madame Gie Natural Glam

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Compared to pallets eyeshadow Another Madame Gie, the price of this pallet is the most expensive, even though if you calculate it, it is still relatively cheap compared to other brands. Madame Gie Natural Glam prices range from IDR 65,000 to IDR 70,000. Madam Gie Natural Glam packaging has a color theme dusty pink. On the back of the palette is clearly written composition, production, and other types.

Madam Gie Natural Glam has 18 colors eyeshadowwhich consists of 3 eyeshadow shimmer4 pressed glitter eyeshadow and 11 colors matte eyeshadow.

Of the three palettes eyeshadow Madame Gie, which one makes you really curious to try it?

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