Funny Incident Toddler Stuck in Toilet Training, Makes Firefighters Confused and Laughing


This incident probably will not be forgotten by Edward Johnson’s mother, Mother. How could the toddler have to experience both tense and funny moments.

This is because Edward accidentally stuck his toilet training seat on his head. It all happened after the 2-year-old toddler played it over his head until it slid and got stuck in his neck.

As a mother, Jodie Soley was trying to get the toilet seat off Edward’s neck. He has even tried using dish soap to make it slippery and easier.

But unfortunately, the effort was not successful. Worried, Jodie then contacted the fire department (damkar). His only hope is that, and he hopes that his son can be helped with the tools the officers have.

“I called the fire department and they even laughed. I don’t think they’ve seen anything like this before,” Jodie told The Sun, quoted from Honey Nine.

When they arrived, the firefighters immediately took action by cutting the toilet seat. In the process, the firefighters on duty couldn’t stop laughing because they thought it was funny. Of course, he also did this so that Edward’s mother was calm and not panicked like before.

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This incident was also posted on the official Facebook account County Durham & Darlington Fire Rescue Service. In the upload, it is said that they finished this funny incident in a short time.

Yesterday morning, firefighters from Darlington Green Watch came to Edward’s rescue, after he found himself having toilet problems! Somehow, he managed to get his toilet training chair stuck in his head but luckily our crew worked quickly and managed to free him in no time. !” write the post.

The post then reaped many comments, Mother. One of them also called this a funny and unforgettable incident.

“I shouldn’t be laughing but this is funny. As he gets older, I’m sure his parents will never let him forget it,” commented one account.

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