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When I looked at gate 12 that morning, I immediately smiled. Because when I saw the plane, I knew this was no ordinary flight.

Flight GA304 which will fly me from Jakarta to Surabaya that morning will use an airplane with vintage livery.

The Boeing 737-800 with registration code PK-GFN is indeed different from other Garuda aircraft. The plane is usually colored dark blue and turquoise on the rear, this time it is red and orange in the form of a strip that extends to the rear of the plane.

Indonesian Airways PK-GFN

This classic livery did exist in the 1970s. So nuanced old school alias ancient times. This is when Garuda was still using the DC-10 aircraft. The words ‘brand logo 1969-1985’ are also visible on the fuselage.

The color on the tips of the wings also changes to red. This aircraft was produced in 2011. So it is 7 years old as of December 2018.

red wingtip

Well, it’s not only the retro-styled plane, it turns out that the cabin crew, especially the flight attendants, also wore clothes that year!

If the flight attendants used to wear elegant kebayas, this time their uniforms made them look a few years younger.

cabin crew uniform with 70s nuance

This casual vintage-style uniform is the work of Hanae Mori, a well-known designer from Japan. He also designed the uniforms for the Japanese airlines cabin crew in the same era.

old vs new

This 70s uniform is in the form of overalls with light colors. The top color is yellow and the bottom is orange.

The cabin crew are also equipped with round hats with a band of matching colors, namely the base of the orange hat with a yellow band.

The appearance of the flight attendants is also more elegant with orange and black patterned scarves.

The headrest cover is made in a matching orange color

Don’t forget the inflight meal in the form of cokro ‘bread bluder’ from Madiun as well as a snack that morning. It’s a short flight, so no big meals.

Bluder bread is a type of bread that has a very soft texture and is slightly oily inside. In the processing, it turns out that this bread is a combination of bread dough and cake, so that it has a very soft and smooth texture.

made with love

In Europe, bluder is a favorite bread and is used to welcome guests of honor. Bluder bread is bread produced by Europeans, this bread began to enter Indonesia probably during the colonial period.

Wow, it really feels like going back to the 70s!

the sky is quite clear

It was a sunny morning in Surabaya, although visibility was a bit limited. The plane landed smoothly 10 minutes before its due schedule.

I took the time to take pictures with the cabin crew as a memento of this old school Garuda flight.

so beautiful

When we think about it, we are grateful that we live in the current era when airline tickets are relatively affordable. In the past, in the 70s, only a handful of people could ride the garuda.

Once he was able to ride the garuda, he was so proud that every time he met someone and was asked, “where are you going?” must be answered, “Want to go to (name the destination) here! ride GARUDA! while waving tickets :))

had plane spotting at the end of the runway when the plane returned to Jakarta with flight number GA309

You can watch the video version below!


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