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That afternoon the sun shyly showed its rays. Our three cars headed from Khalkote beach — the center of the Lake Sentani Festival — to the other side of east Sentani. We crossed the ridge of the hill on the shores of Lake Sentani. From the top of the hill, Sentani looks more like a bay than a lake.

“We’ll go to Emfotte Lake first, then cross to Abar village,” said Uncle Andre, our guide.

Often stop on the side of the road for lots of great views. Too bad cucaca is not supportive.

People often refer to this lake as the lake of love, the lake of love, or the lake of love. However, according to Uncle Andre our guide, his real name is Emfotte Lake. “We must respect the original local name of this lake,” he said.

Emfotte is called the lake of love not without reason. When viewed from above, it is shaped like a heart. Yes, heart. It’s your heart.

However, it turned out that the road to get there was not easy, several times our car had to turn because of the wrong way. Most people enter the wrong village, because there are no special road markings. However, along the way, apart from being treated to a panoramic view similar to the hills in the Jurassic world, the green savanna in the style of the Windows XP wallpaper also spoiled our eyes.

“There are lots of deer here, my plan is to make a tour to see deer at night, then see the sunrise here,” said Om Andre.

Similar to bromo, right?

When we entered the wrong village, we had to turn around. However, the small village road made it difficult for us to maneuver. Moreover, there was another car from the opposite direction which also entered the village alley which only fit this one car. My car had given up letting other cars pass. As a result, my car was left behind from the group.

Well lo.

When we found a crossroads, Uncle Edmond — our driver who is studying music at New Orleans University (again summer holiday bok) — finally took the initiative to turn into a forest driveway that we had not traveled together before. geez.

Just a few dozen meters forward, it turns out that the road looks like a landslide! Seen some excavators are ready to clear the path. We tried to call another group’s car, but to no avail, the operator’s signal, which was said to have the widest range, was lost in the middle of the forest like this. Turn back again.

Up at the top of the hill, we were finally able to call another car. They gave instructions, but the people in my car didn’t seem to understand it. Several times back and forth until on the same road half an hour looking for the village gate that we must pass. Finally, after going round and round with nutmeg, we finally realized that the road that had been caused by the landslide was still passable! Maybe because there was a bend in the corner of the hill, we didn’t see a road. It turned out that after the turn many workers were working to deal with the landslide. Fate.

Yes, we continue our journey. We are already on the right path, we have entered the village road. Get out of the village, up the hill, down the hill, until you find these teletubbies hills!

Take a break after getting lost part 1

After that, Uncle Edmond also spurred the car to chase the others. Maybe because we fell for the straight road and it was quite smooth for the size of the off road, we unconsciously entered the forest again!

This time it was worse, the forest roads looked like they had never been driven by a car before. The road is just a footpath which may only be enough for a motorbike. We descended a fairly steep hill into the forest, past a small stream, and finally BLASSSSSS. Smash our car tires on the wet ground. Once again, it’s a shame to get a plate, here.

It was getting late, we were about to break our fast, but instead we were trapped in the humid jungle of Papua’s interior and there were lots of mosquitoes. Luckily, it’s not far from the river, so there’s no need to really survive if you have to (god for it), I thought.

We tried different ways to lift car tires off the ground with wood. But it seems this forest wants us to stay here longer. Yes, we played seesaw first with the long wood there (video will follow). Poor.

After discussing, we plan to trekking back up the hill and ask for help. Uncle Edmond, we had to live with the car and the cute mosquitoes. Oh my God, that day was quite a heavy fast, wasn’t it?

The road is narrow
Don’t forget to take a selfie first
Trekking up. you tired mz mz?
Finally reached the top of the hill.

After a long journey up, we arrived at the top of the hill. Cellular signal fluctuated but we were still able to contact other cars. We seek shade, and wait for evacuation.

Luckily, our shelter has a landscape that is quite entertaining for us.

Love it!
Instagram style, only 20 kilos excess.
The team strays

Luckily before dark the evacuator team managed to find us. Alhamdulliah, there is no breaking fast with the deer there. It’s better if it’s a deer, if … ah never mind. Ahahaha. We also met another group, who seemed to be satisfied with taking pictures at Emfotte Lake. Investigate a calibaration, because it was too tight earlier, we did not see any signboards and turned into the lake. Even though it’s in the open field. This is a photo of the turn.

Should have turned there. But instead straight (to the left of the photo)
Even in here :))

Finally, after a stray day full of drama. We arrived at Lake Emfotte, Sentani’s lake of love. The shape is like a heart. An enchanting sight to wait for iftar, isn’t it?

Around the lake
Beautiful Emfotte Lake
Photo of Lake Emfotte from above using a drone. This one is a photo of uncle Barry Kusuma.

Thank You! Let’s visit the Sentani Lake Festival. Hope you don’t get lost!

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