Get to know 5 Famous Companies That Accept Employees Without a Bachelor Degree – Student Zone – Hello, Zone Friends! It’s great that Mimin greets you with interesting facts about well-known companies that accept employees without a bachelor’s degree.

As we know, especially those of you who are currently actively looking for work, most companies will definitely prioritize undergraduate graduates to accept applicants as employees.

However, some of the world’s companies accept employees who have not or do not have a bachelor’s degree. Curious what companies? Come on, see this review. Who knows, Friend Zone can apply at his company.

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Apple Office (Photo: Dawn)

Buddy Zone is certainly no stranger to this technology company from the United States. Who would have thought, a company like Apple would accept employees without the need for a bachelor’s degree. This company recruits employees who can get the job done regardless of whether they graduate or not.

However, not all positions are open to non-graduates. This adapts to the needs of companies that still need people with bachelor’s degrees to occupy several positions.

Some job positions at Apple that do not require a bachelor’s degree include Genius, Design Verification Engineer, Engineering Project Manager, iPhone Buyer, Apple Technical Specialist, AppleCare at Home Team Manager, Apple TV Product Design Internship, Business Traveler Specialist, Part Time Reseller Specialist, and many more.


Google Office (Photo:

Who does not know this all-knowing search engine? Apparently, Google is one of the companies that recruit employees without degrees, you know.

A number of Google branch offices in the United States accept employees without having to go to graduate school for the positions of Product Manager, Recruiter, Software Engineer, Product Marketing Manager, Research Scientist, Mechanical Engineer, Developer Relations Intern, UX Engineer, SAP Cloud Consultant, Administrative Business Partner, and much more.


Starbucks coffee shop (Photo: Business Standard)

This long-known coffee shop also opens job vacancies for employees who do not have a bachelor’s degree. Several Starbucks branches are not only overseas, in Indonesia they even open non-graduate job vacancies for several positions, such as Barista, Shift Supervisor, and Store Manager.

Who among you Zone Buddies aspires to be a Barista? Maybe he can start his career here.

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Tesla car (Photo: BBC)

The electric car company founded by Elon Musk apparently accepts employees without a college degree. The CEO himself says that he doesn’t need a college degree, as long as the prospective employee understands about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Neural Network (NN) algorithm, then you have the opportunity to become a Tesla employee.

“A PhD (Doctoral/S3) degree is clearly not needed. Doesn’t matter if you’re a high school graduate,” Musk tweeted.


IBM Office (Photo: People Maters)

Last but not least, IBM or International Business Machines is a company from the United States that manufactures and sells computer hardware and software.

This company does not require a bachelor’s degree for applicants in the positions of Financial Blockchain Engineer, Lead Recruiter, Contract & Negotiations Professional, Product Manager, Entry Level System Services Representative, Research Staff Member, Client Solution Executive.

Get to know 5 well-known companies that accept employees without a bachelor’s degree

Alright, Zone Buddy! Those are 5 well-known companies that accept employees without a college degree. Hopefully Mimin’s review is useful and adds to the knowledge of Zone Friends.

For other interesting information about lectures and students, don’t forget to turn on the Student Zone website post notifications. Mimin goodbye, see you!

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