Get to know 5 Ways to Edit PDF Files Offline and Online Via PC or Android – Student Zone – Hello Zone Friends! How are you today? It’s still healthy. On this occasion, Mimin will give tips to Zone Friends about 5 ways to edit PDF files offline and online via PC or Android.

Of course, when we get a task to edit, there are many things that you often find. One of them is the difficulty in editing pdf files easily. Okay, let’s go straight to the following tips.

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Step 1: Open PDF File Via Ms. Word

First, Open the Ms. Application. Word on your Zone Buddy PC. Then choose the menu files, then click Opera and select the file in the form of a PDF that you want to edit.

Illustration of Ms. Word (Photo: Rat Street)

After that, a notification will appear below with a warning that some characters will just change with their position, then click OK.

Illustration warning some characters will change (Photo: Jalan Tikus)

Third, wait for the file to finish loading. After that, if a security notification appears, Zone Buddy just click on the menu Enable Editing located above the Zone Buddy PC screen.

Fourth, after you have finished editing the file, you will be able to save the Ms. Word is in PDF format.

Step 2: Editing PDF Files with Adobe Acrobat Reader

Illustration of Adobe Acrobat (Photo: Yahoo News)

First of all, please Friend Zone first open the Adobe Acrobat Reader application via PC, if not, please download it first via the following link (Adobe Acrobat)

The next step, on the main page of Buddy Zone, please do it search and open PDF files that you want to edit via My Computer or Cloud. In this example, ApkVenue selects a file from My Computer

If the PDF file that you want to edit is already open, the next step is to click the menu PDF Edit which is on the right side of the Friend Zone laptop screen

When you’re done editing File PDF, please click the file menu in the upper left corner of the screen and then select Save or Save As.

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Step 3: Via Sites That Provide PDF to Word Converters

Illustration of a PDF to Word converter (Photo: Mami Kos)

Zone friends who want to edit PDF files to MS. Word can also do file editing by first converting the PDF you want to edit to MS Word through several recommended sites.

Here’s a list of sites that also provide some features for doing a PDF to Word converter:

  1. Ilovepdf.
  2. freepdfconvert.
  3. Toppdf.
  4. Smallpdf.
  5. convertonlinefree

After Zone Buddy performs a PDF to Ms. Word, then enjoy editing files that previously couldn’t be edited properly.

Step 4: Editing PDF Via Mobile

Illustration of Adobe Acrobat Reader (Photo: Odia Portal)

For Zone Friends who want to edit PDF via cellphone, then please open Adobe Acrobat Reader or can be downloaded via Play Store or AppStore.

After that, please Zone Buddy open the PDF file that you want to edit via Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Choose the three-dot icon in the upper right corner where later you will have to select the menu Edit File to do the editing.

Step 5: If the PDF is a Scan

Illustration of a Text Scan Application (Photo: Abonu)

Furthermore, Zone Buddy can use how to download the scan application on Android, because the application is useful for editing pdf writing in the form of scan results.

Here are the application recommendations:

  1. CamScanner
  2. Google Goggles.
  3. OneNote.
  4. Office Lens. …
  5. PDF Scanner

Get to know 5 Ways to Edit PDF Files Offline and Online Via PC or Android

Those are some of the ways that Zone Buddy can do when they want to edit PDF files very easily and simply. Don’t forget to always comment and ask questions.

Mimin, goodbye, don’t forget to also activate the Student Zone website notifications to stay updated with other interesting information only in the Student Zone.

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