Get to know BRI Education Loans more closely

Get to know BRI Education Loans more closely

Currently, many banks and financial institutions have provided credit offers to finance academic needs. BRIGuna is present as one of BRI’s educational loan programs that facilitates school and college funding.

A pedagogical observer, Paulo Freire, has long warned against what is called a “bank-style” education. In this system, students are described as piggy banks ready to be filled by their educators.

Freire sees this pattern as closely related to education as a power relation. Teachers who have full control over knowledge impart knowledge to their students without carrying out a dialectical process.

The knowledge taught by the teacher seems to be an absolute object that cannot be denied. Though, essence science should continue to move forward and experience updates. Even so, that was the pattern of education half a century ago.

Thanks to Freire, the learning model is now slowly starting to improve. The task of a teacher is no longer to fill in the empty niches of students’ beliefs, but to discuss and even challenge those beliefs.

Bank Style Education

Time passed, but the style of the bank still exists, even changing shape. At the university level, for example, the development of the academic world may be marked by the emergence of discussion spaces.

Access to education may be wide open, but secretly he asks for more sacrifices. To realize these ideas, in fact students still cannot escape the snare of financial conditions.

Not yet working, still focused on studying, the necessities of life continue to demand to be fulfilled independently. Again overthinking How do you register for a new semester so you don’t have to worry about taking courses, then suddenly a cynical question arises, “Did your parents not pay for it?”

Modernization and liberalization have penetrated deep into every aspect of human life, including economic conditions. Not parents, not young people, not workers, not unemployed, all affected.

The disproportionate burden of UKT, not to mention the fear of gentrification, or the feeling of being a burden on the family. Finally, not infrequently the loan option or bank credit is still a scourge that always haunts students. The latest version of bank style education. Literally.

What is a BRI Education Loan?

Established in 1895, BRI is a state-owned bank whose name is familiar to the Indonesian people.

Post-Independence, this institution based in Jakarta was inaugurated as the government’s first bank in charge of the indigenous financial sector based on Article 1 of Government Regulation No. 1 of 1946.

This bank has an attractive program facility, namely BRI educational credit called BRIGuna to help students who are pursuing undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral degrees. The funding system, you could say, adopts credit student loan commonly practiced in European education.

Currently, the government itself is trying to collaborate with financial instruments, both state-owned and private, to create a system for financing education needs. System loan chosen because in the modern era, our society tends to view education as a long-term investment.

The loan disbursement offered by BRI can reach IDR 250 million. With various tenors and various term options, students have the opportunity to continue their studies without worrying about cost constraints.

In every agreement there is always a binding agreement. There are several conditions that students need to meet before applying for credit: Letter of Recommendation from the relevant campus, Identity Card of prospective customers, KTP, KK, and GPA provisions.

So, what is the difference between an education loan from a bank and an education loan? fintech? Loans provided by banks are focused on entrance fees or semester tuition, while fintech for consumptive purposes.

Advantages of BRIGuna Credit

The fast and easy application process is one of the advantages of BRI education credit. Student data already registered at partner campuses will automatically be integrated with the bank system.

The interest rates for education loans at this Bank are relatively low. As with other loans, interest payments can also be made directly at the beginning. The specified tenor is sufficient worth it for student size.

For S2 students, the credit term can reach 6 years from the date of disbursement, while Doctoral or S3 studies can reach 10 years.

After seeing the reviews about credit above, how? Interested in applying for a BRI education loan?

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