Get to know the 10 Applications that Track the Most User’s Personal Data, Friend Zone Must Know – Student Zone – Hello Zone Friends! Back again with Mimin who brings facts about applications that can track users’ personal data. Of course this is very scary, yes.

Who wants our personal data to be exposed? Moreover, the data is related to email data or our personal data. Of course, taking personal data on purpose without the owner’s notification is not good, it can even be legal, you know. Well, this time Mimin will share applications that can retrieve your data, let’s continue reading.

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Instagram: 62 percent

Instagram Logo (Photo: Insider)

Even though Instagram has strong security, this application can find out your personal data or Zone Buddy activities. It can still be accessed by irresponsible people. The Safety Detectives report stated that more than 400 GB of personal data leaked from stolen Socialarks, including IG.

Facebook: 55 percent

Facebook logo (Photo: Viraltynews)

Facebook is one of the biggest applications that you often come across. You know, if on Facebook, people can also access and retrieve your Zone Buddy’s personal data, this is normal for Mimin to find.

Uber Eats: 50 percent

Uber Eats Logo (Photo: App Store)

Indeed, this application does not operate in Indonesia, but according to CNN Indonesia, this application can access user data. So it should be done with caution by the user. Yes, what do you guys think if Uber East is present in Indonesia?

Trainline: 43 percent

Trainline logo illustration (Photo: Logo designer)

Next is the trainline application, where the application is a hotel and flight booking application. However, so far Mimin has never heard of operating in Indonesia, reportedly the application can access user data up to 43 percent of its users, you know.

eBay: 40 percent

Illustration of the ebay logo (Photo: Podcast Indonesia)

Since 2014, it is often alleged that the user data can be accessed by other people, thus causing the eBay application to decline drastically in the midst of society. This makes it difficult for eBay to compete in the Indonesian e-commerce market. Yes, hopefully it’s better to protect the user’s personal data.

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LinkedIn: 40 percent

LinkedIn logo illustration (Photo: CIO)

Indeed, LinkedIn for finding the right job or location for an internship can even connect and strengthen professional relationships, and learn the skills you need to be successful in your Zone Buddy career. But, this is also dangerous if misused by irresponsible people, you know.

Twitter: 40 percent

Illustration of a twitter app (Photo: Accurate)

Next is the application from Twitter, because this one application in 2018 was rumored to sell user data. However, this does not make Twitter lost and liked by the public. Because, access is easy and provides convenience for users.

YouTube: 36 percent

Illustration of a YouTube app (Photo: The Verge)

This application is a very popular application for the people of Indonesia. However, do you know Friend Zone, that in 2020, the personal data of YouTube users was reportedly leaked. Of course, we all have to be aware of this.

YouTube Music: 36 percent

YouTube Music Illustration (Photo: India Today)

Talking about YouTube music is certainly not much different from YouTube. Access to data leaks that had been experienced by YouTube also had an impact on the other application, namely YouTube music.

Grubhub: 36 percent

Grubhub Logo (Photo: Big Hospital)

The grubhub application is one application that can also access user data. We can also take care of this delivery service application carefully so that our data does not spread far.

Get to know the 10 applications that track users’ personal data the most, Friend Zone must know

Those are 10 applications that can access their user’s personal data, Mimin does not forbid Zone Friends from using the application. However, Mimin’s advice is to be careful in using the application, especially with regard to our personal data.

That’s all Mimin’s review, Mimin said goodbye, yes. Don’t forget to activate the Student Zone website notifications to stay updated with other interesting information only in the Student Zone.

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