Get to know the 5 main characters of children who will shape their personality in the future

Jakarta – Since the little one was born, maybe the mother has guessed what the child’s character will be like in the future. Will he grow up to be a cheerful child, an obedient child, fussy, or stubborn.

But basically the child’s character is not only brought from the mother’s birth, but also shaped by the environment.

Launching from the page Verywell Family, it is natural for parents to want to know what their child’s personality will be like. That way, you can certainly provide the right support for your little one.

For example, parenting an introvert child requires different skills and techniques than parenting an extrovert. Children with different character traits will have different motivations and discipline strategies.

Character traits of children usually begin to appear at elementary school age. This is the right time for parents to know when your child’s character appears, and what that character means, and how to act according to their character.

“Personality is the sum total of an individual’s emotional responses, attitudes, and behaviors. It emerges in its truest sense as adolescence approaches,” says US-based child psychologist Sarah Rahal, quoted from the page. Verywell FamilyTuesday (8/2).

Children’s character can be seen in several ways. One personality theory divides a child’s character into five main traits. Here are the children’s characters that you need to recognize, quoted from the page Today’s Parent.

1. Awareness

This character describes someone who tends to be on time or early for appointments, is very responsible, and works for long-term goals.

2. Suitability

This child’s character is also called pro-social. Children with this adaptable character are fun people and generally have positive social interactions, enjoy being in their environment, work to help others, and work well in group situations. Your little one also tends to show affection easily and often.

3. Openness to experience

Someone who has a high openness to experiences and new things is creative, flexible, curious, and adventurous. Little ones love it when their mind and senses are stimulated, such as by seeing art, listening to new music, tasting exotic cuisine and reading literature and poetry. An open child likes to have variety in their daily lives and craves new things.

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4. Neuroticism

This is the character of the child who has a tendency to experience negative emotional states, such as anxiety, anger, guilt, and depression, on a regular basis. Children with high levels of neuroticism respond poorly to stress and interpret situations as threatening or very difficult.

5. Extrovert

An extrovert is a child character who is energized by being around other people. This is the opposite of an introvert, who is passionate about being alone.

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