Get to know the 5 new Windows 11 features, what are they?

Get to know the 5 new Windows 11 features, what are they?

Windows 11 Latest Features – Since its release in 2015, Windows 10 will finally be replaced by its successor, Windows 11. The successor of Windows 10 was introduced by Microsoft in a virtual event that will take place in June 2021 in Indonesia.

From that event, Microsoft introduced Windows 11, which has intuitive design features that make it possible to multitasking made easy, until the new Microsoft Store provides easy access to apps, games, and movies.

In addition, Windows 11 can be downloaded for free for Windows 10 license owners if it is available later. For those of you who own a Windows 10 license, before downloading Windows 11, get to know more about the features of Windows 11 first! Here’s a review from Jagoan Hosting.

1. Interface design similar to macOS

The striking change from Windows 11 is the interface design which is similar to macOS.

Get to know the 5 new Windows 11 features, what are they?

In this latest design, Microsoft has moved the location of the icons in the taskbar and Start menu. The menus that were originally on the left, have been shifted to the middle side like the macOS dock. On the right there is still an icon that still displays information such as clock, wireless connection and battery status.

In addition, Windows 11 also features softer visuals with rounded icon corners and windows that have transparent effects and smoother animation transitions. This change aims to make it easier for Windows 11 users who have large screens.

latest features of windows 11

In addition to the display, Microsoft has also added a more informative selection of widgets. Windows 11 widgets include a series of informative applications such as calendars, weather predictions to maps.

There is also a news feed widget that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to display news according to the topics of user interest, whether international politics, e-sports, local news, and others.

These widgets are placed in a transparent area which can be brought up from the left side of the screen by pressing the taskbar button in Windows 11.

3. New Snap Layout

Microsoft is also presenting a layout snap that will be helpful for users who are used to working with multiple application windows open at once so that they can multitasking.

Snap layout in Windows 11 brings a number of new arrangement positions, such as three app windows side by side, one large window with two smaller windows next to it, and more.

4. You can feel higher performance and performance when using the latest Windows 11 features

In addition to changes in appearance that are increasingly cute. The performance of Windows 11 is even faster, both in terms of logging in to browsing. Windows updates that run are also promised 40% smaller.

For the gamersWindows 11 also comes with a new feature called Direct Storage which allows the game to upload its assets directly to the graphics card, thereby shortening loading and rendering times.

5. Windows 11 can run Android apps

latest features of windows 11

The last feature is one of the most interesting features of Windows 11, namely the ability to run Android applications through the compiler Intel Bridge compatible with processors from AMD and Intel.

This Android application is not integrated with the Microsoft Store, but must be downloaded from the Amazon Appstore, from there users can launch the taskbar or start menu.

Well, that’s the 5 latest features of Windows 11, quite interesting, isn’t it? For those of you lovers of gadgets and technology, it’s a good idea to start research and find out more about the specifications and uses of the latest features of Windows 11.

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