Get to know the easy way to be the best in whatever field you live in – Student Zone – Hello Zone Friends! Back again with Mimin who wants to review the easy way to be the best in any field. Hmm.. must be curious right?

In living life, we are always faced with various competitions, both competitions in the world of teaching and learning, or competitions in the world of work. And one of the things we hope to face in life’s competition is to be the best among them.

This time Mimin will provide various tips that are very easy for you to live in the face of life’s competition. It definitely works, as long as it’s done well and consistently, yes.

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Illustration of a focused person (Photo: Tribunnews)

Yep, that’s right. Focus is one of the most important ways for Zone Friends to deal with life’s journey. Whether in the world of education or the world of work, focus must always be prioritized within us. Why do you have to focus? Because to be the best we can’t be half-hearted, both in the world we like and the new world we don’t really like.

By getting used to practicing focus, we will get many benefits, one of which is useful for training our brains in solving every life challenge without having to fear the awkwardness that often comes to mind.

Work To Develop Yourself, Not For Your Job

Illustration of work (Photo: Tribun Jabar)

Be a human being who is willing to work for self-development, not just for us to work and get the salary we want. With our intention of ourselves like that, then our minds will be stimulated to continue to grow and raise the level to a higher level.

Try to organize from now on, organize our hearts and intentions not to think that working is just completing tasks. But working to develop and increase our potential in training various soft skills and hard skills that we want.

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Don’t imitate others, let others imitate you

Illustration of being yourself (Photo: Khazanah Gallery)

We should never imitate or even equate ourselves with others. It is not good for your character and mentality. Because when we often do like that, and we fail to achieve it. So, the potential for stress, frustration and like to give up often disturbs our minds.

Be yourself, be your character. Don’t let everything you do always depend on and follow other people. Let those who follow us if our self-assessment is good in front of others.

Enjoy the Process

Illustration of enjoying the process (Photo: Kabarin Indo)

Enjoy every process you go through, don’t complain or even get used to overthinking. Because, it will have a big impact on yourself and also our process to achieve the best journey.

From now on, say and carry out every process and flow that we live. Don’t give up if you fail, because maybe God hasn’t given you a good chance to make you happy with success.

Get to know the easy way to be the best in whatever field you live in

That’s a good review for Friend Zone live from today. Don’t give up and keep the spirit in competing to be the best.

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