Get to know the Project Manager, Duties and Responsibilities

Project manager is a job with an important task in a project. This is because they have to lead the project from start to finish. In addition, they are also the first to be responsible for the project.

Without the role of the project manager, a project cannot run smoothly. The same as without a leader, of course it will be difficult not to determine the right steps in working on the project. So, to better understand it, let’s see the following article.

What is Project Manager?

Project manager is a job that plays an important role in a project, from planning, execution, control to the end of the project. Thus, the duties and responsibilities of the project manager from the beginning to the end of the project.

The project manager is also the first person who will be responsible for the success or failure of a project. He must also be able to find solutions to any problems that his team might experience.

However, despite developing great responsibilities, the benefits that can be obtained are also quite large if the work or project goes well and can be said to be achieved according to the objectives.


the other hand, if the project fails, the project manager is the first to accept everything punishments. For this reason, a project manager must be able to anticipate these failures. Quite challenging isn’t it?

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Manager Duties and Responsibilities

Being a project manager is not easy, but anyone can occupy that position. At least, there are some project manager tasks that must and must be done in every project. Including the following.

1. Make a plan

The project manager’s first task is planning, which includes the preparation of human resources as well as the facilities and infrastructure needed for project implementation. The plan discusses matters related to strategy and how a project manager and his team make, sell, and distribute their products.

2. Gather a team

Project managers certainly do not work alone, but there is a great team with him. After planning and selecting HR, you as a project manager must divide them into teams that are given responsibility for task units in a project.

id="3-mengatur-komunikasi">3. Manage communication

Next, you must ensure that communication within the team remains effective. This communication includes to-do lists, schedules, and deadline which the whole team must understand and work on. Effective communication is very important to increase productivity and team spirit.

Friend, imagine what it would be like if a project manager gave instructions in a language that was difficult to understand, surely this could disrupt the rhythm of the team’s work, right?

4. Calculating the budget

Budget is the most important aspect in working on a project. Before starting the project, the project owner and project manager must have communicated how much budget is required by the project being worked on.

5. Mitigation of problems and risks

The occurrence of problems in a project is certainly unpredictable and can happen at any time. This is where a project manager’s dexterity in dealing with problems is tested. To anticipate this, project managers must plan problems and design solutions even from the pre-production stage.

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project manager job

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6. Monitoring the progress of the project

Furthermore, the task of the project manager is to monitor the progress of the project based on the blueprint. If during project implementation there are things that change or deviate, then the project manager is tasked with communicating it with the relevant team so that work gets back on track.

7. Create reports and documentation

The last and no less important responsibility for the project manager is to make project documentation in a report for stakeholders.

Stakeholders need reports to check project progress. The report will contain detailed information about the status of the progress of the project to how much the budget has been issued.

Project Manager Skills

In developing the project manager’s duties and responsibilities as previously mentioned, of course, several skills are needed so that the project can run as it should. Some project manager skills are as follows.

  1. Communication: By having good communication skills, a project manager can control team work and convey information appropriately.
  2. Leadership: The project manager’s job is to lead the team, so good leadership skills are needed.
  3. Negotiation: Negotiation skills for a project manager are used to deal with clients or suppliers.
  4. Cost, time and team management: as a leader, the project manager must be smart in dividing time and team work efficiently. Not only that, budget is the main element that must be managed properly.
  5. Risk management: A project certainly has the potential to experience several problems. Well, a project manager must be able to anticipate this.
  6. Research ability: Before planning and providing solutions, it’s a good idea for the project manager to do research properly.

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That’s an explanation of the project manager’s duties in a project. Considering that this position plays an important role and has a big responsibility, then you have to make sure that all matters related to the project are completed perfectly, friend.

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