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First pose in front of Mount Baluran

Twelve kilometers from the entrance, the terios I rode through was dry and dry forest all the way to Bekol – the largest savanna on the island of Java with an area of ​​almost 250 football fields.

People used to call baluran as Afrikca van Java; because the brown color in the dry season and the dry contours are more or less like the soil on the black continent there.

“We ask that those who smoke do not throw their butts carelessly. Because it can start a fire. Once again so as not to throw cigarette butts carelessly. Please swallow the butts of each one, replace it,” said Bang Tony, our group leader in the handy talkie.

Entering the baluran area

I walked the path, with a view of the yellow grass of the savanna at noon. At night no less, the savanna romantically turns into a million-star desert, with the eyes of wild animals watching us from behind the bushes, adding to the hair on my spine that stood up.

“But if there are certain seasons here it turns green,” said Indra, one of the National Park officials.

Next to the Bekol guesthouse, I climbed the stairs following the stairs leading to the top of the hill at the climbing post. This is another way of enjoying bekol besides getting into it.

Enjoy the morning in the Bekol savanna with yoga.

From the top of the climbing post, a mountain as high as 1247 meters is clearly visible among the yellowing savanna. Standing tempts climbers who are interested in touching the peak. Will the savanna look even more beautiful from above?

However, there are some problems with the baluran.

Savannas are increasingly difficult to find here. Thousands of hectares of grassland wither in the dry season, turning into scrub and acacia.

“This is a kind of annual cycle that forces the dressing to change skin from brown to green,” Indra explained again.

When I made my footsteps towards the Bekol Savannah, I was not so surprised when I found the savanna turned into a cotton flower field with yellow flowers. This plant with a height of about one meter often hides the wildlife that used to be very easy to see.

From the top of the post

“Together with local residents, we often do this cotton flower pruning so that the baluran ecosystem returns to the way it used to be,” said Indra.

Baluran is a miniature of Indonesian nature. From mountains, hills, savannas, rainforests, beaches, to the underwater which is still very beautiful. For this reason, sustainability must be maintained in this area.

Not many people know that 1960 was the heyday of baluran. Japanese emperors, Iranian princes, prince philips love to travel here. They only come for a fun safari

Indra hopes that the ecosystem is one of the destinations in Indonesia terios seven wonders this can recover soon and can help the surrounding community from the tourism sector.

Get well soon, Africa van java!

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