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Now I want to discuss one of these cool blogs from Indonesian Travel Bloggers from Kalimantan: Borneo Backpackers!

Erm, so this is the result of our ‘arisan’ where the prize is in the form of review exchanges between travel bloggers, hehe. Well, now I’ve got Om Indra, the owner of’s blog. For my own blog, this time it will be discussed by Fahmi my catper who seems to be being held hostage by his wife because of the delayed hanimun *slaps*

Let’s get acquainted first with the owner of the blog with the Kalimantan hornbill logo. Mas Indra, who is said to be a mixture of the Dayak and Banjar tribes, lives in Palangkaraya, the capital of the province of Central Kalimantan.

I think this blog is all about Kalimantan. However, it turns out that Mr. Indra is a hobby of wandering everywhere. Don’t be surprised if you find posts about Raja Ampat or his journey to enjoy Java-Bali-Lombok to Komodo Island!

According to Mr. Indra, there are still manyKalimantan’s potential that has not been noticed by us as citizens of Indonesia itself.

As a traveler, of course, the tourism potential in Kalimantan can be a complete destination for lovers of beauty and adventure. From its virgin and challenging forests, endemic animals such as the Orang Utan and Hornbills, to the underwater world in the Derawan archipelago, which is identical to Kakaban Lake, which contains jellyfish that do not sting.

Borneo Backpackers in Raja Ampat

Unfortunately, transportation is the main problem, which becomes an obstacle to access these exotic places. It is impossible without the support of the rich Kalimantan government to become an alternative tourist destination for the people of Indonesia who are still paying more attention to the mining sector and oil palm plantations that destroy nature.

Hopefully this small business (blog) will make a meaningful contribution to the island of Borneo that I love.

*copy and paste from about me, smack again* :))

Then let’s look at the design side. Mas indra’s blog uses the blogspot platform. I’ve seen the design of the theme many times on other blogs, so if you can replace it with a paid premium theme, it will make it more unique and cool.

The photos are sometimes too small, so it’s a little less clear, haha. But I see in the new posts the photos have grown bigger.

What I like about backpacker borneo is that it is very informative, not like my blog which only shows off photos. :))

He often gives tips for backpacking to unique places such as Labuan Cermin Lake, Derawan, or cheap backpacking tips to Raja Ampat.

And that’s really enough to make people envy.

So, have you ever been to Borneo?

If not, please stop by Borneo Backpacker first and don’t blame me if you go straight there hahahaha!

PS: This article was written to commemorate National Blogger Day which fell on 27 October. Also in the context of the social gathering, Travel Bloggers Indonesia conducted a random review of blogs between members to be published together today, Saturday, November 1, 2014.

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