Getting The Best Out Of Gaming On Your iPhone

Getting The Best Out Of Gaming On Your iPhone
1.1 Getting The Best Out Of Gaming On Your iPhone

Hand-held gaming remains hugely popular in the wider gaming arena and should only go from strength to strength, but not all devices are considered equal at present. The common consensus is that Android devices are believed to be more compatible than iPhones when it comes to gaming but, despite iOS’s not being renowned for excellent all-round gaming, there are several tips and hacks to get the most out of your iPhone when you want to game, and game with satisfaction.

1. Keep up with updates

It makes sense that if your iPhone has received the latest update, it will perform better all round, and this is no exception when it comes to gaming. The more up to date the phone, the better the play! To check you’re all up to date, simply head to ‘Settings’, ‘General’, then ‘Software Update’ and when you’re all updated to the latest software, you should notice a favourable improvement in your iOS’s general gaming capability.

2. Abandon unnecessary App updates

Conversely, Apps on your iPhone are constantly being updated, to make sure users have the very latest versions, but in this case, updates can be detrimental! The automatic updates running in the background can slow your iPhone’s efficiency when it comes to gaming, so turn off updates in Settings > ‘iTunes and App Store’ and you should be able to quickly solve this problem.

3. Close your background Apps

Some Apps running in the background of your phone can be very draining on its functionality. If you double click the home button, you can see which Apps you have running behind the scenes of your iPhone’s day-to-day activity and decide which are redundant. Close any that aren’t needed, and you should see an immediate boost in your iOS’s gaming performance.

4. Have a good clear out!

Delete all your unwanted and no longer used files – junk files, text messages, emails, photos, music files, old documents, cookies, and caches – to free up vital storage space. You can easily do a scan of your device to help with this, perhaps using a cleaning software or App. A tidy phone will result it brilliant game play, and an increased performance in your phone’s functionality, when it comes to games, will make you glad you executed a spring clean on your device!

5. Make a reduction in your level of graphics

After iOS7, a lot of additional graphics were added to the iPhone’s capability, but these are not always necessary and can, in fact, slow down your gaming experience. To make a simple fix of this problem, go to Settings > General > Accessibility and in the ‘Accessibility’ setting, find and switch on the ‘Reduce Motion’, and you’ll realize heightened gaming performance.

6. Turn off location services

GPS trackers, again running in the background of your phone, to keep track of your location, may be hindering the optimum gaming experience on your iPhone. Obviously, they are needed for weather apps, but otherwise turn them off in Settings and you free up valuable gaming space on your device.

7. Remove ads

It’s possible to download and use an external programme to scan your iPhone for ads and remove them from games. This will make all your games run smoother with no more jarring interruption from annoying adverts!

8. Check your battery!

iPhone batteries don’t last forever and if your iPhone is on the elderly side, say iOS 7, you may find that your battery power is diminishing and so is your gaming capability. It may be time to check your battery and, maybe, replace it, to improve your gaming experience.

iPhone users have no reason not to enjoy excellent, high-quality gaming on their devices. You just need to know which tips and tricks to put into action to increase your phone’s performance and heighten your gaming experience, assuring you’re getting the absolute best out of your hand-held play, and can compete with all others in this popular market.

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