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Ternate Island

One of the inspirations, fueling my enthusiasm to continue writing this travel blog, is a chapter in the book by Bang Pandji entitled, “From Sabang to Merauke.”

Bang Pandji, in taught me many things about Indonesia. Like how we should know, explore, and love also do something for our country.

In that chapter, Bang Pandji wrote about his experience traveling around Indonesia. He succeeded in making me curious to see Indonesia from my own eyes!

He told me about places in Indonesia that I thought were ordinary, but if we look at it from the other side, Indonesia is truly rich.

Since then, I have become addicted to traveling in my own country.

And of course, I wrote everything on this blog 🙂

Papeda, a typical food substitute for rice from Maluku and some areas of eastern Indonesia.


At that time in 2011, I was still an engineering student at a campus in Bandung. Traveling, especially to eastern Indonesia, may just be wishful thinking.

Moreover, the name of riding Garuda — the proud airline of our country — whose price didn’t fit my pocket at that time. If you borrow Pandji’s term, my pocket is really big messagehaha.

However, I have one hobby that I have been involved in for a long time: Photography.

Photography is what finally took me to places I never imagined before.

Starting from this blog, which at first only contained gibberish *ehm*. Then it turned into a place to show off photos, until finally writing a lot of articles about photography. Not long after that, I also wrote about travel.

Because actually travel and photography can’t be separated, right? At least in my opinion.

Well, even though at that time what was written was only trips in nearby cities around Bandung, anyway 🙂

Until finally, this blog paid off. Thousands of visitors per day, began to get awards, won several competitions, until I was contacted by several people who needed me to take pictures of the trip.

And, the most fun part is: I travel a lot around Indonesia!


When landing in Jailolo this is the view 🙂

One of the trips that I remember was the time to Jailolo 2013. So, do you know which side of Indonesia is that? Haha.

From Jakarta we have to go to Ternate, usually we will transit first at Ujung Pandang. After arriving at Ternate, continue with speed boat to Jailolo Bay.

The flight GA660 Ujung Pandang – Ternate was also carried out with a small Bombardier CRJ-1000 aircraft. Yes, it’s not too small, it can fit 100 people. It feels like a mini boeing 737.

Bombardier is not ATR, yes, the engine is certainly a jet, not a propeller. Because usually make pioneer routes like this using ATR propeller planes.

Even though it’s mini, how come it feels wider than the 737? Is it because this is Garuda? Haha. Because sometimes even though I use the 737-900 of the airline next door, my feet still ‘stick’ in the front seat!

Anyway, apart from the smaller cabin baggage, I have no complaints with this plane. The sound of the engine is very smooth (seriously, it’s not noisy at all, the noise reduction technology is amazing), the take off/landing is smooth, and there are no problems during the flight except that there really isn’t a small TV for in-flight entertainment, such as the Boeing or Airbus types which are better. big hehe.

I was fast asleep until just before landing. This airplane sign is indeed very comfortable 🙂

This is what the CRJ1000 looks like at the Sultan Babullah Airport in Ternate.

PK-GRA at Sultan Babullah Airport Ternate. The jet engines are smaller and not located on the wings

Jailolo is a city in a bay in West Halmahera district, North Maluku province. I went there with a media group to cover an annual festival for a media, the Jailolo Bay Festival.

If you like history, you will know that Jailolo and its surroundings were fought over by Europeans because of their spice commodities.

Well, this Jailolo festival, in addition to showing North Maluku culture, arts and cuisine, will also take us to trace the history of past glory — when the price of a nutmeg was the same as gold.

I remember one line on in the chapter “From Sabang to Merauke”, when Pandji visited Jayapura : “When you meet Papuans, smile and greet them, I GUARANTEE that their smile is three times wider than yours.”

I don’t agree with Bang Pandji’s statement. In my experience meeting eastern Indonesians, when we smile at them, they will return a thousand times your smile.

They are that cute 🙂

Apart from his pretty scary face, hehe.

Once they smile, their ‘hell’ face is gone!

Washing hands with betel leaf

Jailolo has it all. The beaches, the underwater, the mountains, the culture, the food, the festivals. There are all kinds of natural and cultural tourism there.

Especially during the Jailolo Bay Festival which is held once a year. The harbor is full of tourists who come there. Well, but mostly foreign tourists, anyway. For tourists from Jakarta, for example, it’s still a bit because maybe the cost here is relatively not cheap.

Have you ever seen a blue thousand dollar bill before with a picture of two mountains and a fisherman? This is where we can see the two Gunung Island, Ternate Island and Maitara Island.

Mountain Island? Yes, because the city of Ternate is not located at the foot of the mountain. But on the slopes of a mountain. lol? Where is the foot of the mountain? At the bottom of the sea! Ternate island is indeed a volcano, active. Don’t be surprised here sometimes he really likes to tease us with his little vibes 🙂

Sunset on bobanehena beach. Local people call it the beach of confusion.
Am I handsome under the sea? hehe. Under the sea east Indonesia does not need to be asked. Get your dive license, buddy!

Or do you want to try North Maluku cuisine which is spicy, rich in spices, and really seafood? Do you want to use colo-colo or dabu-dabu chili sauce? 😀

Eastern Indonesian cuisine, on average, is processed by chili, aka chili!


Eastern Indonesia is indeed beautiful — some call it paradise — according to some of us who live in the capital city.


There is one thing that bothers my mind.

“Why is the progress of tourism in eastern Indonesia not directly proportional to the welfare of the population?” I wonder myself.

Behind that beauty, there is still a lot of bitterness. For some of our brothers, the word heaven there is not at all appropriate.

Maybe I’m generalizing too much. However, some areas in eastern Indonesia that I have visited. Papua, Maluku, Flores; I saw that beside luxury resorts and hotels — which in fact most of them are foreigners — there are also many people’s houses which I think are very contrasting.

In fact, I think some are unfit for habitation, if you don’t want to be called poor.

In front of him was a very skinny little boy, with his snot everywhere, eating instant noodles.

Also houses that don’t have access to clean water, don’t even have their own latrines.

There are still many who cannot read and write.

Dance of the Sahu tribe during the Festival

Children in school have to walk tens of kilometers through the forest.

If in the National book. Is. Me has succeeded in inviting its readers to know Indonesia more deeply, the other book — Dare to Change, feels more personal — contains about how we can do something to advance Indonesia, from various aspects that we like.

I also want to change more or less. This blog does have a bit of a mission. From the beginning I had a mission to ‘Document Indonesia’.

Maybe I can’t help our brothers there materially.

But I have photos, writings, and stories that I share on this blog. I will not only write beautiful things, but will also bring up other facts that I have seen for myself.

Maybe I’m being idealistic. But, I just want to share here.

Farmers convoy carrying their cows and crops on carts.

Who knows, who happens to stop by here and is moved to help our brothers and sisters there? Big changes can come from the small changes we make, right? 🙂

And, for travelers. Try to travel based on eco tourism. Use local people for all our needs while there. This is a form of our responsibility as travelers to participate in advancing the local community.

I remember Soe Hok Gie once said, ‘…..And loving the homeland of Indonesia can be grown by getting to know Indonesia and its people closely…. ‘

From now on my blog’s mission is, “Document Indonesia, and invite travelers to Responsible traveling

This is one of the ways I love Indonesia, and change Indonesia for the better 🙂

I want to close this article with the same line as the end of the book

Long live Great Indonesia!

Mount Rinjani, Lombok.

I am more interested in Pandji’s writings and books than his stand-up comedy. I think the ingredients he brought were too serious, and a bit dry hehe.

However, seeing his last stand up special on youtube entitled ‘Messake Bangsaku’, I think he has succeeded in becoming an entertaining comic, as well as inspiring. He is more relaxed and doesn’t get carried away by emotions when he brings his jokes.

I finally bought the dvd which was digitally downloaded at the WYSDYN shop. The process is easy. After ordering, I used a debit ATM and didn’t need to reconfirm. Automatically the status has been paid and I just need to download.

Enjoy 🙂

I really like the way he takes pity on Indonesia at Messake Bangsaku.

This is the first time I’ve laughed at Pandji’s stand up comedy. Usually I just comment, “What the hell are you guys doing?”

Looking forward to seeing your stand up comedy in Europe!

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