Getting to Know Immunodeficiency Diseases in Children, These are Symptoms and How to Handle It


Every parent wants to see their child grow up and be healthy. Unfortunately, this cannot be done by Dimas Adhi Sugiharto and his wife, Nuruh Hudayanti.

Dimas and Nurul had to accept the fact that their child, Razqa Aakarshan Sugiharto, had to pass away in November 2021 because of the illness, primary immunodeficiency. Because of this, Dimas and Nurul decided to become the core administrators of the Indonesian Primary Immunodeficiency Patients Society (IPIPS).

The beginning of Razqa’s story was diagnosed with immunodeficiency

Razqa was born on January 26, 2015, Mother. At the age of 3 months, Razqa received the BCG vaccine. After that, at the age of 6 months, Razqa experienced high fever for 10 days and often had lumps in her lymph nodes.

After being given treatment, Razqa’s condition did improve, Mother. However, the condition of swelling in his lymph nodes kept recurring, plus an abscess and an infection in his ear.

The pediatrician who treated Razqa turned out to be sensitive to immunodeficiency conditions, Mother. He saw that Razqa’s condition was not common in children and began to suspect that Razqa had primary immunodeficiency disease (PID).

The doctor also recommended that Razqa do further examination in Singapore. After undergoing several tests, Razqa was finally diagnosed with Chronic Granulomatous Disorder (CGD).

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The impact of Razqa’s illness

Razqa is a child who is easily infected with bacteria and fungi, so she has to avoid many things. For example, playing in the dirt, going to a damp place, to swimming in a place that does not have chlorine.

All of this happened because of Razqa’s body’s inability to fight off bacterial and fungal infections, Mother. Every day, Razqa also has to take two types of drugs, namely anti-bacterial drugs and anti-fungal drugs to fight the fungus. This was the best treatment that could be done to keep Razqa’s body defenses to a minimum.

Not only that, Mother. Every month, Razqa also has to regularly check herself at the hospital. During her life, Razqa also experienced many episodes that required her to be treated. Razqa has even undergone five surgeries to remove a re-emerging abscess. If left untreated, the abscess will spread and cause a more worrying infection.

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