Getting to know Paracetamol and Ibuprofen, Fever Reducing Drugs for Children

Jakarta – Fever is a natural condition that occurs in everyone, especially children. When a child has a fever, usually the mothers immediately feel panicked and anxious. Actually, fever is not a disease, Mother, but a natural process to fight infections that enter the body.

A person can be called a fever if his body temperature increases beyond the normal body temperature, which is above 37.5°. Likewise for children, Mother, fever in the Little One is influenced by many factors.

Reported from Stanfordchildrens, One of the causes of fever in your little one is due to his body’s natural reaction. When your little one has a fever, the body works in the same way to control temperature. But it temporarily resets its thermostat at a higher temperature.

The temperature rises for several reasons. Among them by chemicals, called cytokines and mediators, made in the body in response to invasion from microorganisms, malignancies, or other intruders that sneak into your little one.

The scientific process when it comes to intruders into your little one’s body, the body makes more macrophages. These are the cells that go to war when an intruder is present in the body. These cells actually ‘eat’ the invading organism.

The body is busy trying to make natural antibodies, which fight infection. These antibodies will recognize the infection the next time it tries to attack. Many bacteria are encased in a mantle-like membrane.

When this membrane is disturbed or ruptured, the contents that come out can be toxic to the body. They stimulate the brain to raise the temperature which leads to fever.

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Then, what can you do when you find out that your little one has a fever? As quoted from kidshealth, You can do the following if your child has a fever:

1. Give him lots of water or other drinks so he doesn’t get dehydrated.

2. Give medicine containing acetaminophen or ibuprofen that has been prescribed by a doctor. Avoid giving aspirin.

3. Avoid bathing with cold water.

4. Give your little one comfortable and not too thick clothes.

5. Feed him but don’t force him, let him eat what he likes first.

Then, what if Mother wants to give medicine. What type of drug and content should be chosen? Click on the next page.

Also check out the video about 3 ways to reduce your little one’s fever below:

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