Getting to know Sage Tales that Mothers Can Tell to Children


Do you like reading fairy tales to your little one? If so, it would be better if you continue this habit. Because storytelling has many benefits for children’s development you know.

According to clinical psychologist, dra.Ratih Ibrahim, MM, storytelling can be an effective method to stimulate children’s language, cognitive, fine motor, and emotional expression development. This method is also considered a fun activity for parents and their children. In addition, storytelling activities can also awaken their imagination and can encourage children to think creatively and be responsive in analyzing things.

In the journal entitled Building National Character Through Indonesian Folklore (2012), childhood is a time full of imagination. Children have a more diverse imagination power than adults. Especially when children play roles, namely playing characters from a story. His imagination will turn on his fantasy power so that they seem to be the character he is playing. In addition, children also have a high curiosity you know Mother.

Therefore, parents need to train their children’s physical and thinking abilities, including developing their imaginations. Stimulating their curiosity can be done by taking them for a walk, looking at pictures, or simply reading fairy tales to them.

Well Mother, speaking of fairy tales, one of them genre fairy tales are no less popular is the type of sage. Yup, this type of fairy tale itself is related to history which tells the story of heroism, might, courage, and someone’s magic.

Usually told orally and from generation to generation, and packaged with fantasy or imaginary storylines. Sage fairy tales are a type of folklore whose contents tell about historical events that have been mixed with people’s imagination or wishful thinking. According to the Big Indonesian Dictionary, sage is a folk tale based on historical stories that have been added to the imagination of the people.

Characteristics of the Sage Fairy Tale

The Story of the Archipelago of Malin KundangSage Malin Kundang’s Tale/ Photo: Kurnia Sari

Sage fairy tales have their own characteristics you know Mother. Quoted from various sources, this type of fairy tale has the following characteristics:

  • The story presented contains historical events that occurred in the past
  • The story presented contains elements of heroism, courage, and the magic of the characters
  • Contains a moral message that can be gleaned by the readers.
  • Spread by word of mouth
  • Anonymous or unknown author
  • It is collective in nature or is the common property of its adherents or those who believe in it
  • Each sage story has a common theme presented.
  • Most of them have a royal or palace background.

Sage Fairy Tale Example

There are many examples of famous and certainly familiar sage fairy tales, including:

  • The story of Malin Kundang
  • The story of Roro Jonggrang
  • Sangkuriang
  • The Story of Hang Tuah
  • Ciung Wanara’s story
  • The story of Jaka Tingkir
  • Ramayana story

Thus the explanation of the sage type fairy tales, Mother. Hope it is useful!



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