Getting to know Shukan Bunshun Magazine and its Controversy

“What is Shukan Bunshun?”

“Who owns the Shukan Bunshun?”

Most of you who entered this article decided to find out about the origins of Shukan Bunshun. Starting from the profile, good reputation, what they do and so on. Or some of you also like Jpop music? Artists and Actors from Japan? Or other public figures who come from the Land of Sakura? Shukan Bunshun always had an attachment to them. Want to know more? Listen.

Shukan Bunshun is a weekly magazine from Japan which has another name Bungeishunjū Ltd (株式会社文藝春秋 Kabushiki-gaisha Bungeishunjū) publish the latest files once a week.

shukan bunshun magazine office
Shukan Bunshun Office

Has a first name called Bungeihunju or Bunshunand founded by Kan Kikuchi. The current headquarters of Shukan Bunshun is in the Chiyoda district, east of Tokyo. Over time, they established a subsidiary in the form of a magazine as well. Named flowerkukai (文學界) which is published once a month and debuted in 2002.

Shukan Bunshun has a different principle from most other Japanese weekly magazines. One thing that sets it apart is the column on freedom of expression, which dares to open up privacy issues regarding written and unwritten regulations.

Shukan Bunshun Magazine Controversy

In Japan the majority of female idol groups have unwritten rules. The regulation seems to read “No dating, dating, and sexual relations with the knowledge of fans / fans are not allowed.”

This is likened to them being required to complete their duties as idols when in front of fans, only to entertain and entertain them. If they want to date at least without other people knowing this is to appreciate or appreciate what the fans give and support for the idol.

This term is also often referred to as ‘Golden Rules‘. Meanwhile, idol group members who violate will be subject to sanctions, also have the latest predicate as ‘Scandal‘. Shukan Bunshun has always had a hand in every scandal experienced by idol group members, musicians, artists, actors and other public figures in Japan.

japanese youtuber hikakin scandal by shukan bunshun
(Shukan Bunshun News About Hikakin Tadano Scandal, Japanese YouTuber)

Where they seem to know that there is one of them who went on a date. Shukan Bunshun’s crew then followed suit, recording it on video or documenting it as a photo secretly without the person’s knowledge.

For later, they will distribute the photos and videos to fans and the public via on air Live or news in their latest weekly magazine, that the person concerned violates the unwritten rule.

Pros and cons

Despite the many controversies that Shukan Bunshun has created, there are many pros and cons. Support and criticize the treatment of the Weekly Magazine which still holds the record for best-selling sales in the week. In fact, secretly or openly several managements of well-known idol groups in Japan are working together to support Bunshun.

Scandals will always potentially happen for those who apply the ‘Golden Rules’. One of them is the management of NMB48 Yoshimoto, at the end of 2014 they declared a pro stance by supporting the performance of Shukan Bunshun to investigate any member of the NMB idol group who violated the unwritten rules.

According to Yoshimoto’s side, this will also have an impact on fans, and make fans more trusting and loyal to support their idols so they don’t do scandals.


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