Getting to know Usagi and Kuina Alice in Borderland

Getting to know Usagi and Kuina Alice in Borderland

Hikari Kuina Alice in Borderland is a character that has caught the attention of many Netlfix viewers, especially before the final episodes in season 1. As a resident The Beach earlier than the other main characters, Kuina understands what is happening and has a purpose as to why she has to get out of this strange world.

Another female character in Alice in Borderland that is no less interesting to review is of course Yuzuha Usagi. Looks like we’ll see the series come to an end through him. Usagi Alice in Borderland has been trying to survive alone since the beginning, the education of his father as a child has helped him to become a strong person.

Alice in Borderland has become one of the most popular Netflix programs in the last year, and for good reason: it’s well written and has caught the attention of people all over the world.

According to the official summary on Netflix, Alice in Borderland is about an unemployed gamer and his two friends who end up in a parallel Tokyo where they must compete in a series of sadistic games to survive. The series is based on the popular sci-fi thriller manga of the same name.

This story has many parallels with Lewis Carroll’s story Alice in Wonderland which was published in 1865. This live-action version of Alice in Wonderland has exceeded fans’ expectations.

Kuina Alice In Borderland

Kuina has been familiar with martial arts since childhood dojo. He learned this skill from his temperamental father. While her mother has a gentle personality. When Kuina started learning to apply makeup, her mother noticed it but there wasn’t the slightest bit of anger. Kuina’s mother wanted her child to be herself.

kuina alice in borderland
Getting to know Usagi and Kuina Alice in Borderland 3

Approaching adulthood, Kuina left home and started a new life by undergoing genital surgery to become a woman. Hearing the news of his sick mother, he intended to go home and take care of his mother, but instead he entered the world borderland.

Viewer Alice in Borderland will always remember Kuina’s fierce battle at the end of season 1. Her determination to return home to care for her ailing mother has awakened her ability in martial arts dojo to fight a fighter from an extremist group who relies on samurai.

Quinine Alice in Borderland played by Aya. A famous Japanese model who was born in Sumoto, Hyogo, on October 6, 1993. The same actor also plays in the film Girl Gun Lady (2021) and Grand Blue (2020). If you are interested in knowing life Kuina Alice in Borderland In the real world, you can find her on Instagram @asahina_aya.

Usagi Alice In Borderland

Usagi Alice in Borderland has a more stable life than many of the other characters in the Netflix series. At least that was before his father, who had taught him skillful mountaineering, disappeared and reportedly committed suicide.

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Getting to know Usagi and Kuina Alice in Borderland 4

Usagi’s survival skills are very useful in her new life. Usagi was physically capable when she was very young thanks to her mountaineering father and the two would hike together when she returned to Japan from an overseas expedition. Usagi feels that she can be free from socializing while enjoying her favorite sport and the natural scenery from the top of the mountain.

After Arisu sadly survives the Seven Hearts that sacrificed Karube, Chōta Segawa and Saori Shibuki, Usagi accommodates Arisu in his lonely camp. He really cares about the sexual implications between a man and a woman and allows Arisu to share a bed in his tent.

Arisu couldn’t sleep to control herself in such an embarrassing situation. Following Chishiya’s vague clues passed down through Karube, the two search for the “Beach” in hopes of finding out the truth of Borderland.

As they approach the location, Usagi teaches Arisu about survival in the wild. She teaches him how to use a knife and they pick daikon radishes together. He showed the wild boar tracks and how to hunt. 2 began to grow closer during this time.

When will Alice in Borderland season 2 release?

The first season has covered around 31 chapters of the manga, leaving 33 more chapters to cover.

The hero of the series, Arisu has been handled heavily throughout the first season. With many games to challenge, Arisu and Usagi have a long way to go before they can escape. The pair must continue to play the game if they have any hope of solving the mysteries surrounding the world, and who is the gamemaster who runs it.

Fans of the series initially speculated about a 2021 release date thanks to a potential easter egg spotted in the final moments of season 1. As hot air balloons fly overhead, there are plenty of buildings with advertisements for 2021 though it’s always highly unlikely for the show to return in 2020. 2021.

Filming did begin in mid-July according to the production company’s website issue a casting call for extras. According to their website, the series will not finish filming for season 2 until the end of December 2021. In November 2021 at Netflix Festival Japan, it was revealed that season 2 would be coming in December 2022.

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