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ipadguides.id – On Sunday (28/3/2021) morning, people in Makassar city were shocked by the tragedy of a suicide bombing. This incident occurred in front of the cathedral church, Makassar and there were casualties.

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Bomber Seen in Video

Picture of the scene (Photo: news.detik.com)

The video of the suicide bombing has gone viral on social media. Then, it was also seen that residents found the location of the source of the explosion from the bomb.

Meanwhile, several residents were also seen staying away from the location of the suicide bombing. Meanwhile, there is still no police around the scene.

In addition, bomb carriers were seen using charred motorbikes with the bombers.

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Coinciding with Worship

Image of the exploding bomb caught on CCTV camera (Photo: Bisnis.com)

Finally, the residents kept trying to contact the police and church security to report the suicide bombing.

This incident occurred at around 10:30 WITA and coincided with the congregation who was worshiping at the church. And this incident was successfully recorded on video from the church. However, until now there is still no official statement from the police.

For information, the Cathedral Church is the oldest church in the city of Makassar, as well as being the center of worship for Catholics.

go viral! The Seconds of a Suicide Bombing Occurs at the Makassar Cathedral Church

That’s a review of the seconds of the suicide bombing that occurred at the Makassar Cathedral Church. Our condolences and hope that there will be further confirmation from the police soon.

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