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Come on, just take a look at the reviews and happy reading!

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The Closet (2020)

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The Closet is an exorcism film starring the famous Korean actor, Ha Jung-Woo. This film has many fans, as evidenced by the success of selling more than 1.2 million tickets on the day of its premiere on February 5, 2020.

The film The Closet tells of Sang Won and his family having an accident, so his wife died in the accident. This causes Sang Won to live alone with his son, Yi Na.

Then, Sang Won decides to move house in the middle of the forest to recover after the accident. In addition, he also approached his son, in order to create a good communication relationship between father and son. However, it was not as easy as Sang Won thought.

Since moving house, Yi Na has experienced a very drastic change. He becomes a cheerful and open person with Sang Won. Not only that, strange events began to appear, until Yi Na disappeared from the house.

Metamorphosis (2019)

Metamorphosis Film (Photo:

Next is Metamorphosis, which is a horror-thriller genre film that aired in 2019. This film stars Bae Sung Woo, Sung Dong Il, Jang Young Nam, Kim Hye Jun, Cho Yi Hyun, and Kim Kang Hoon.

Metamorphosis tells the story of a married couple Gang Goo and Myung Joo who have three children, namely Sun Woo, Hyun Joo, and Woo Jong. Then, Gang Goo also has a younger brother who is a Catholic priest named Joong Soo.

One of the exorcisms carried out by his younger brother caused a person to die and his family was affected, so they decided to move house. However, he instead experiences strange and mystical events in his new home, one of which is an evil spirit that resembles the Gang Goo family and can’t be expelled by Jong Soo.

The Divine Fury (2019)

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This expulsion film The Divine Fury stars top actors Park Seo Joon, Ahn Sung Ki, and Woo Do Hwan. This film tells about an exorcism carried out by Father Ahn and assisted by Yong Hoo.

As a child, Yong Hoo was abandoned by his father who died in an accident caused by an evil spirit. As a result, he lives alone and does not trust anyone. As soon as he grew up, Young Hoo became a successful MMA athlete.

Until one day, Yong Hoo was disturbed by some evil spirits and a mysterious wound appeared on his hand. Later, he went to many doctors, but no one knew the cause. In the end, Yong Hoo meets Father Ahn.

At first, Yong Hoo didn’t believe all of Father Ahn’s words. And as time goes by, Yong Hoo comes to his senses and helps Father Ahn in the exorcism.

The Mimic (2018)

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The exorcism film The Mimic tells the story of Min Ho and Hee Yeon’s family and their son, Jun Hee. They moved to a house near a forest and a cave, aiming to care for their sick mother.

Then, while going to look for someone in the cave, Hee Yeon finds a small child wearing a pink dress. As a result, he brought the child to his house, which turned out to have experienced many strange events since the child’s presence.

The little boy suddenly confessed that his name was Jun Hee, his son. However, it turns out that she is the daughter of a shaman who worships the spirit of a tiger. The spirit is able to imitate human voices.

However, since the shaman always performs rituals in front of the cave near Hee Yeon’s house, many people around there have disappeared.

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House of the Disappeared (2017)

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The film House of The Disappeared tells the story of Minhae and her husband, Chul Joong with their two children. The four of them live in a house where it turns out that the occupants are evil spirits. Until one day, one of his children was found dead by drowning.

In addition, her husband was found stabbed and the remaining child disappeared. Until in the end, Minhae had to go to prison for 25 years because of the case of her husband’s death.

Then, after being released from prison, Minhae returns to her home and finds out the truth about her missing child and her husband’s murder case with the help of Father Choi.

The Wailing (2016)

The cast of The Wailing (Photo:

The Wailing tells the story of an area called Gokseong, where the area is stricken with plague, murder, and mysterious deaths. Then, the police concluded that the cause of death was a poisonous mushroom.

Meanwhile, Jong Goo who is a police officer hears a rumor saying that all strange things happened after a mysterious Japanese man moved to Gokseong.

Then, while on duty, Jong Goo meets a mysterious girl who says that she saw a murder taking place and that the culprit is the Japanese man.

Until one day, Jong Goo’s son suffers from a disease and the symptoms are the same as people who experience mysterious deaths. So, he also met the Japanese man and found many strange things in his house.

Then, her mother-in-law called a shaman named Il Gwang to perform an exorcism ritual for her grandson. From there, many surprising things happen to Jong Goo’s family and many are faced with choices that test his trust.

The Priests (2015)

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The last exorcism film, The Priests, which aired in 2019. This film stars Kim Yun Seok, Kang Dong Won, and Park So Dam.

The Priests tells the story of Young Sin who is a high school student. One day, Young Sin suffers from a mysterious illness after being hit by a car at night. Later, Father Kim visits him and realizes that an evil spirit has possessed Young Sin.

Finally, Father Kim carried out an exorcism with the help of the Korean Catholic Church. However, during the exorcism all the deacons who helped Father Kim escape. Then, Pastor Kim is assisted by Deacon Choi and he believes that the only way to save Young Sin is to perform an exorcism.

Goosebumps! 7 Recommended Korean Movies About Exorcism

That’s a review of 7 recommended Korean films about exorcism. Which of the seven films gives you the creeps the most? Happy watching and enjoy your weekend!

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