Greetings from the trees – ipadguides

How serene your warmth, O nature.

The trees and grass greeted me with a dance.

The sigh of the wind spreads the scent of longing.

The morning mist came with the friendly sun accompanying it.

Green spread.

Let me enjoy you this morning.

Original without shaking the camera
The ‘late’ sun appeared.


Ehm, why am I even so poetic, hehe. This photo was taken from the area around Caringin Tilu, West Bandung. The plan, I intend to photograph the sunrise. But failed because the weather was not supportive. Finally, I turned back towards the forest, and took the abstract photos above.

The photo above is not ‘sotosop’ at all. Making it quite easy. Make sure the shutter is about one second. Then, when pressing the shutter, the camera moves along with a nodding head. It has to be really straight for a really creamy effect.

Creativity comes from constraints.

Happy shooting!

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