Growing Business with Apps : Android Apps without Coding

Growing Business with Apps : Android Apps without Coding
Growing Business with Apps : Android Apps without Coding

The mobile lifestyle is not only a trend nowadays, but the needs of today’s society are growing all the time.

This can be seen from the use of smartphones (especially Android) which continues to increase in the number of users from year to year.

Therefore, it is not surprising that Android applications have become an important requirement that must be followed in developing a business.

Business owners are required to have an Android application to attract a wider market.

However, making android applications also costs a lot of money including server costs, technicians and other development costs, so that many people and business people are reluctant to expand their wings in the mobile industry.

In fact, the online store application for Android can be a potential to attract potential customers to buy the products being sold.

Here comes with the intention of helping and making it easier for entrepreneurs or business people to develop their business in the digital world. is an android application maker application platform. With you can create online Android applications at an affordable cost and also don’t have to understand coding.

Here you can create various applications, namely: online store applications, online transportation, services (such as private tutors, laundry services, massage services or tire patches, etc.), company profiles, portfolios, online catalogs, and online buying and selling applications. others that can be uploaded to the Play Store so that it can reach many people because it can be accessed by anyone.

Creating an online Android application at is very easy, does not take much time and the cost is also affordable. starting from 100k, we can already have our own application, That’s why you should immediately create your own Android application at


Well, for those who want to create an online android application at for the first time, they must be confused by the steps.

For that in this article, we will discuss a brief tutorial on how to create an Android application through

Make sure you have downloaded the application on the Play Store first or visit our website for more complete information on how to make applications with

But before that, the thing that needs to be considered before making an android application is to first determine the usability and ease of the application to be made.

At, there are several templates, as well as features that can be used according to your business needs. The following is a short tutorial on making the application:

Install the application on the Play Store

Download via playstore:

Growing Business with Android Apps without Coding
Figure 1.

Look for the application in the play store


Making Android Applications Online

Figure 2.

After installing the application, you can directly register and immediately create your application

Tutorial on making android apps


Make APK and upload to Play Store

Growing Business with Apps : Android Apps without Coding
Figure 3


If you have finished making the application, you can immediately make it an apk and install it on your smartphone or you can directly upload it to the Play Store.

Full tutorial


How? Isn’t it easy to make Android applications on

Hopefully this tutorial on how to make an Android application with (Mobile) is clear enough. If you have any questions, please send them to [email protected] or 0895-1632-0900 or you can follow Instagram, our team will be happy to help you.