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Securing a wordpress website is very important, but many people don’t care about the security of their website. In fact, lack of security can cause bad things, such as; Hacking, Data theft, Deface, DDoS, etc.

As a website owner, you must take all necessary precautions to protect your website from hackers, spammers and malicious intruders. Protecting a website from threats may seem like a complicated task, especially for a beginner, but it really isn’t.

In this article you will learn how to keep your wordpress website secure from hackers and spammers. Here’s a guide to securing a wordpress website from hacker attacks

1. Choose a Secure Hosting Provider

Make sure you choose a hosting provider that is safe and reliable, this minimizes unwanted things because the hosting provider is dishonest. The hosting provider is the first to ensure the security of the server that is used as web hosting.

In this case, a good shared cloud hosting provider is needed to always take the decisions and steps needed to protect their servers from threats.

Therefore you must choose a hosting provider that is safe and reliable, and the answer is Jagoan Hosting. Jagoan Hosting is a hosting provider since 2007 and has an ISO 27001 certificate which means Jagoan Hosting has International Security Standards.

In addition, Server Jagoan hosting is managed by experts in their fields and is internationally certified. And for server security, Jagoan hosting applies multiple security to ensure user data is always safe.

2. Install SSL

Another main security feature that you should pay attention to to maintain website security is the SSL Certificate. SSL helps you secure the connection between your website and your users which helps in keeping personal information, eCommerce transactions, and other sensitive data safe.

When you use Jagoan Hosting Cloud Hosting, you can get SSL for free. You just have to install the SSL, so your website is much more secure. Before that, do you know between free SSL or paid SSL, read the information by clicking the link.

3. Install the Security Plugin

To keep your website safe from hackers and spammers, you can install a security plugin. The Security plugin offers the most protection on a website; As:

  • SucuriSucuri is a complete wordpress cloud website security solution that will protect your site from malware, brute force attacks, and all other potential threats.
  • WordfenceWordfence is the best website security plugin, This plugin offers a free plugin that includes important features like web application firewall, malware scanner, and protection from brute force attacks.

4. Use Unique and Strong User and Password

Another super easy way to protect your website is to use a strong and unique password. 8% of WordPress security breaches occur as a result of weak passwords. Choosing a strong and secure password is a simple change you can make that will protect against hacking.

You should also choose a strong username for your WordPress admin. A strong username is just as important as choosing a strong password. Because of course, if a hacker tries to enter your website then, they need to know your password and username.

5. Implement Login Attempt Limits

One way to secure a wordpress website is by limiting login attempts. By default, WordPress allows users to try to login as many times as they want. This isn’t ideal if you want to prevent hackers from trying to figure out your password and entering your website. So, limit login attempts to prevent brute force password discovery.

6. Always Update Plugins and Themes

The existence of plugin and theme updates means that the updated plugin gets a better version, usually because there is a feature update or there is a bug that requires the developer to update.

Always Update Plugins and Themes to minimize the occurrence of hacker attacks that take advantage of bugs from themes or plugins. Therefore you have to be diligent in updating plugins and themes.

7. Disable File Editing

If an intruder happens to gain access to your website, they can easily edit the PHP plugin and theme files within the WordPress admin interface. Due to the security risks it poses, we recommend that you turn this feature off.

If you have downloaded a security plugin like Sucuri, you can do this easily with their Hardening feature. You can also turn this feature off by adding a small piece of code to your website. In the wp-config.php file add the following code:

// Disallow file edit

define( ‘DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT’, true );

8. Provide Backups to Secure Your WordPress Website

Backup serves to store the latest data so that when a hack or data loss occurs, you can restore your data. This is very important because it is very important, make sure you don’t forget to back up your website.

Now that’s information about how to secure your wordpress website, you can follow the guide above for how to keep your wordpress website secure.

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