Hackers hacked Twitter?


RahmanCyber ​​- Thursday, June 21 2012, at 09.00 local time (PT), site micro blogging Twitter is paralyzed due to group attacks hacker. Group Hacker or hacker who has a name UHNazi claimed responsibility for the 40-minute paralysis.
cnet alert from cbsatlanta.com, mentions
Hacker named Hannah Sweet alias “Cosmo” with twitter @CosmoTeGod from the group claimed to attack with a “distributed denial of service” method which resulted in the 40-minute duration, twitter not appearing in search engines google or bing, the internet seems to be made not to recognize the existence of the page. then why sweet attack site microblogging this?

Here’s what he said: “His group attacked because the site supports regulation Cyber ​​Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) which allows private parties to provide information about possible cyber threats.

We’ve also been tailed FBI Lately “
Sweet also mentioned that the real names of the group members were published on the site UGNazi“We are not afraid of the law,” he explained.

From side Twitter alone through @TwitterComms deny the group’s claims. According to him, the site crash was caused by “cascading bugs” which causes effect domino in infrastructure components Twitter.



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