Haddy El Nath, From Supermarket Cashier to Boss Photo Studio in Malang

Before starting the photography business as it is now, Haddy moved around working as a newspaper prepress operator, supermarket cashier and editor at a photo studio in Malang. But because he didn’t like working in an office, Haddy started to pursue photography. From just a fad, it turns out that his work attracted many people. Finally, offers for pre-wedding, wedding, family and birthday photos began to appear. From there he finally founded Elnath Studio.

“Since getting to know the camera, I started capturing them through the camera. Besides that, because with photography I can freely determine when and where to work, so it feels more fun, not like working. Moreover, I definitely meet new people and visit new places which makes me never bored in this business, “ said the alumni of SMKN 4 Malang.

To start a business, Haddy even drained his savings as capital. But he has no regrets at all because now his efforts are bearing fruit. His photography business is growing rapidly and his clients are now not only local but also international.

Haddy has tips on why his business is growing so rapidly. “I use websites and social media as media to promote my work. Because the Website where I put my portfolio and details about the service. Meanwhile, Facebook and Instagram are social media for sharing and always connecting with clients and potential clients.”

According to Haddy, starting a business is not difficult. The key is to be consistent and do your research often so you can discover a lot of new things. Because those two things made him fall in love even more with the world he was involved in.

“Do research first before starting. Be determined to stay focused in any situation. and don’t stop in the middle of the road, because if you stop because of an obstacle, you don’t know what surprises are behind the obstacle. I’ve thought about quitting a few times and maybe if I stopped then I wouldn’t be who I am today. Keep going! Chase your dreams!,” Haddy ordered.

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