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ipadguides.id – Four students of State Islamic University of Maulana Malik Ibrahim Malang (UIN Maliki Malang) in collaboration with 1 student of Universitas Brawijaya (UB) won the Silver Medal 1I1W (1 Idea 1 World). They raised the theme of making hand sanitizers from cherry leaves.

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4 students of UIN Malang

Illustration of UIN Maliki Malang (Photo: Surakarya)

A prestigious event organized by the World Invention Intellectual Property Association (WIIPA) from Turkey and in collaboration with the Turkish Inventor Association (TUMMIAD).

The four UIN Malang students are Risna Afiatur Rosyida (Department of Medicine), Bunga Salma (Department of Chemistry), Marissa Nur Khoviva (Department of Medicine), and Nabila Asha Rahmita (Department of Pharmacy). And 1 UB student, namely Aminaturrokhiyah (Department of Library Science).

“Alhamdulillah, of course we are very grateful for the achievements that we have achieved, it can also add to our experience, hopefully in the future we can innovate better and become a proud generation for Indonesia,” said Risna Afiatur Rosyida, Team Leader.

Risna Afiatur Rosyida said that the competition was held from February 1 to February 28, 2021. And the announcement was made on Sunday (7/3/2021) at 15.00 WIB.

He explained that the research they carried out was regarding the manufacture of hand sanitizer gel preparations from natural ingredients. He and his team used natural ingredients from cherry leaves. The manufacture of Bio Hand Kersenitizer (HANSEN) is a form of exploitation of natural materials in Indonesia in the health sector.

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Contents in Cherry Leaves

Illustration of cherry leaf (Photo: Grid.id)

In cherry leaves there are compounds such as flavonoids, saponins, polyphenols, triterpenes which has an anti-bacterial effect. They extracted the cherry leaves, then from the results of the extract because they were tested internally Vitro. And they add several other formulas to produce gel preparations that are suitable for the skin.

“The purpose of this research is that because of the widespread use of hand sanitizers but they are made of chemicals that can irritate the skin, an alternative Bio Hand Kersenitizer (HANSEN) was made, as a natural hand sanitizer that is able to minimize side effects and is safer to use,” he explained.

This medical student at UIN Malang said that he and his team were motivated to participate in the event because they wanted to hone their skills, especially in terms of research and seek experience in the international arena and want to make the name of their alma mater and homeland proud.

“Research of cherry leaf hand sanitizer is not easy. But with solid teamwork, Alhamdulillah we were able to finish it to the end,” concluded Risna Afiatur Rosyida, a Medical Student at UIN Maliki Malang.

Hand Sanitizer from Kersen Leaves Delivers UIN Malang Students Win Medals

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