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Hardline Vladimir Putin ‘sends a warning’ to Roman Abramovich | World | News

Dominic Midgley, a biographer of Roman Abramovich, suggested that Vladimir Putin could encourage the Silovik, a group of ardent Kremlin politicians often recruited from the KGB and other military service, to allow poisoning. He believes the Russian president may have sought to delay peace talks to give his military more time to attack Ukraine.

Dominic Midgley told GB News today: “I tend to believe this story because it comes from Bellingcat.

“It was they who exposed the poisoning of the panties of Alexei Navalny, Putin’s number one critic.

“The idea is that Kremlin hardliners are behind this. They want to sabotage the peace talks.”

He then implied that the US was trying to play down the idea of ​​poisoning to prevent a delay in negotiations.

He added: “Ukraine and America don’t want to sabotage the talks so they mess it up as far as I can see.

“Americans say [the symptoms] due to environmental factors but what might happen, I’m not sure. ”

The symptoms are believed to be non-life-threatening.

Billionaire Abramovich has since returned to the negotiating table, as seen in Istanbul today.

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Ukraine has enlisted the help of Premier League club owners as intermediaries between them and the Kremlin after he was sanctioned by the British government.

An unnamed US official claimed the symptoms displayed were caused by environmental factors.

But the investigative journalism organization Bellingcat, which was asked to provide an expert forensic examination at the time, claimed that “the symptoms are most likely the result of intentional poisoning with an unspecified chemical weapon”.

After his recovery, Abramovich flew to Moscow from Istanbul to meet Putin last week.

He delivered a handwritten note to the Russian leader from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, outlining his country’s requirements for ending the war.