Haru, 12 Years Old Boy ‘Gaming’ on Facebook for Father’s Funeral Fee


The story of a person’s struggle for the sake of a family member is always touching. Including what a 12-year-old boy did.

Not long ago, he was known to be singing live on his Facebook account. What makes him sad is that he did this for his late father, Mother.

The boy named Chanadej Khiewsen is from Thailand. It is known, the busking action was carried out to raise funds to pay for his father’s funeral.

Quote from MStar, Chanadej Khiewsen himself is actually used to singing while playing guitar on the streets. He has been doing this since he was five years old.

During the live singing session on Facebook, Chanadej Khiewsen told the audience that his father had passed away. He died after battling cancer.

“The day I didn’t want to come has arrived. But Dad told me to live in the real world. I want to do this for Dad one last time. I’m doing a live concert for Dad. Today, I’m begging (for help) for Dad’s funeral.”

“I don’t want to use this term at all,” he wrote.

The busking session on Tuesday night, which took place on February 15, 2022, went on sadly. Chanadej Khiewsen was even seen several times wiping away tears while playing a musical instrument.

For information, Chanadej Khiewsen only lives alone with his late father, Mother. Initially, he was singing to get donations for his school fees.

But over the past few months, his father was diagnosed with a terminal illness. Inevitably, Chanadej Khiewsen had to sing while playing music to pay for his father’s medical expenses.

Previously, he also participated in a music competition for children on the program Kidzaa TV. Chanadej Khiewsen has even played guitar and sang at Chatuchak Weekend Market and Siam Square.

His fans also often record his performance when he plays music and post it on YouTube. But since his father fell ill, he chose to play music live on Facebook rather than on the streets.

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