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ipadguides.id – Hello, Zone Friends! Wow, Mimin wants to tell you an important and useful fact for sure. Namely, about different mindsets, here are 5 differences in male and female brains.

Surely you also realize that there are differences between men and women, especially in matters of thought. Come on, let’s get to know the differences between the two.

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Empty space

Illustration of an empty brain (Photo: Kompasiana)

In men have a kind of box nothing or an empty space that makes it easy for them to relax and think about their fantasies, if they are using the empty space.

While in women, it is rare to have an empty thing in her head, there is always something to think about.

Spatial Difference

Illustration of spatial differences (Photo: Medcom)

Buddy Zona, it turns out that in men the brain tends to develop and has a more complex space, such as the ability to design mechanically, determine the direction of abstraction, and also manipulate physical objects. No wonder men prefer to fiddle with vehicles or other things.

Whereas in women on the contrary, women do not like things like that.

Difference Talk

Illustration of differences in speech (Photo: Liputan6)

The cortex area of ​​the male brain is used more for spatial functions, and tends to use words less. A collection of nerves that connects the left and right brain or corpus collosum smaller in men than in women.

If men only use the right hemisphere of the brain, women’s brains can maximize both. That’s why women talk more than men. Even in a study said, women use about 20,000 words per day, while men only 7,000 words.

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Chemical material

Illustration of chemicals on men and women (Photo: Kumparan)

In women there is more serotonin which makes it always calm. It is not surprising that women are more calm in facing threats that involve physical.

While men get angry faster, besides that women also have oxytocin, which is a substance that binds humans to other humans more. These two things affect the biological tendency of the male brain to act before speaking.

Memory Size

Illustration of memory size (Photo: Haionline)

memory center hippocampus the female brain is larger than the male brain. This can answer many people’s questions why men forget more easily, while women can remember many things. That’s why if the problem of memorizing women wins.

Have a different mindset, here are 5 differences in the brains of men and women

Friend Zone, that was the difference between male and female brains, so don’t be surprised if the mindset between the two is different.

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