Have more than one domain? What for?

Have more than one domain? What for?

More than one domain – For those of you business people or figures with the need to use a website, you must be familiar with domains that have similar names, but not infrequently they turn out to be very different when opened. This proves that the name on a website is important. Not only as identity, trust, professionalism, and commerciality, having a good website domain is something that should be planned.

Domains will generally end in .com, .net, .org, .biz, etc. It depends on the type of business or the specifications of the content to be displayed. The current domain name will be more specific, so that people are not wrong in writing and make it easier for internet users to find the web address in question.

Then is it enough to have one domain for your business? Or do you need to have a lot?
domain? It’s okay, you have many domains. Actually, even one domain can be developed into several sub-domains to help internet users find content with specific titles or themes. It turns out that having more than one domain is important!

Here are some reasons why this is important:

Have more than one domain? What for?
more than one domain
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Protecting Brand Identity

The name is an identity, just like the domain on a website, the domain will be
become the identity of the website. Therefore it is important to protect this identity.
One of them is by keeping the brand name as our name, and protecting the image from
the name and brand among the public. The better the image of the domain name
will be directly proportional to the representation of brand identity.

Prevent Cybersquatting

Cybersquatting is a form of cybercrimes or cybercrime that sells domain names at very high prices to companies or people who want to use the domain.

Cybersquatting is better known as Domain Name Scramble. Cybersquatting perpetrators do not hesitate to
reluctant to threaten the owner of a business name that will use the domain by reducing or worsening the reputation of the original domain owner. This is troubling for business owners or businesses whose names have been stolen by irresponsible parties.

Avoid misspellings

As many new businesses appear, many business or business names have similar, or even the same, names. Well, having more than one domain will make it easier for consumers to find the name of the business in question.

Optimizing SEO

Searching for the wrong business name will be difficult for consumers, but if we have more than one domain, it will make it easier for SEO to work properly and point to the right domain. This strategy is often used by businesses that have a common name.

If you have more than one domain, visitors will be directed to our website, moreover this technique optimizes the SEO algorithm. Really get a potential flood of visitors on our website.

Many domains can reduce the load on the website server if each domain leads to a different hosting/server, especially if you want to do promotions that make a lot of web visits, to expand your business with different lines or products. Then very
a domain with another suffix is ​​required that distinguishes one line of business from another.

Well, now you know how important it is to have more than one domain. Server load too
be reduced. If you usually use a domain ending in .com , you can
replace it with a unique domain suffix such as .today, .life, .travel, .io, etc.
You can also use VPS X from ipadguides. VPS X is supported by tier-1 upstream network technology that can independently manage network bandwidth so that the network will not be shared with other VPS users.

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