Healthy Lips, Get to Know Maybelline Baby Lips

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There are 3 types of Maybelline Baby Lips that are useful for moisturizing and giving natural lip color.

The use of lip balm is very important so that the lips are not dry and more maintained. One product that you can try is Maybelline Baby Lips. This product itself has various types that can be tailored to the needs. For more details, here Various kinds of Maybelline Baby Lips.

This Maybelline lip balm is packed with black predominance. Interestingly, this lip balm is able to make lips more moist and healthy. This is due to the presence of shea butter and vitamin E which can treat lips for up to 8 hours. Not only that, this lip balm also provides a natural lip color and is able to cover black lips.

You can apply this lip balm before using lipstick products. In addition to nourishing your lips, after using this lip balm, it will make it easier for you to apply lipstick. However, this Maybelline lip balm has a small size, so it wears off faster.

There are 3 variants of lip balm that you can choose from, namely watermelon (Pink Shock), blackcurrant (Berry Bomb), and orange (Oh! Orange!). Each of these variants has a different color and aroma, you know? To get this product, at least you can buy it at a price of 30 thousand rupiah.

2. Maybelline Baby Lips Loves Color

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These lip balm products are among the best-selling on the market. This product is packaged in the form of a stick that is rotated, thus making this product not easily broken and safe to carry when traveling.

The packaging itself has different colors according to the results to be obtained. This lip balm itself has 4 colors to choose from, namely Pink Lolita, Coral Flush, Berry Crush, and Cherry Kiss.

The color of this lip balm is not as thick as when you use lipstick. But using a lip balm will help you get a natural, healthier-looking lip color.

Knowing the different types of Maybelline Baby Lips will also help you choose the right product. Not only produces a natural color, this lip balm is also able to moisturize the lips with more color.

It’s just that, for the color and moisture resistance of the lip balm, it is easily lost when you use it to eat or drink. Even so, the lips are still nourished and can be used to prevent dry lips. In addition, Maybelline lip balm is also equipped with SPF which will protect the lips from the dangers of UV rays. You can get this product for around 30 thousand rupiah.

3. Maybelline Baby Lips Candy Wow

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Having a shape like a swivel crayon is the main attraction of this Maybelline lip balm. Because the packaging is what makes this lip balm not easily broken and you can use it when traveling.

Interestingly, this Maybelline lip balm has a fruity scent that will make you more excited. With a touch of natural color will also make lips healthier. There are 5 colors that you can choose, namely Cherry with pink color, Peach with peach color, Raspberry with pink Fanta, Blackberry with purple hint of red, and cinnamon with pink brown color.

This lip balm is also equipped with vitamin E which can help moisturize the lips for 12 hours, you know? The price itself is around 35 thousand rupiah.

Knowing the different types of Maybelline Baby Lips will help you get the right lip balm. You can buy this product at offline or online cosmetic stores in Indonesia.

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