Help, My Husband Prefers Watching Men’s Videos Than Touching Me


We have been married for three years and have one child. In the first year of marriage, I accidentally opened my husband’s cellphone. Turns out he joined the Gay Sex Stories group!

I was surprised and asked, “Why join a group like this?”. The husband automatically got angry and immediately took his cellphone.

I’m not even allowed to hold the cellphone anymore. I was surprised because my husband is a person who diligently worships, we got married later ta’aruf. Alhamdulillah He immediately closed the account after being found out.

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A few months later I found him again search on Instagram a special account for lovers of sexy boys. I have blocked the account but he search again.

At first there was no suspicion at all because indeed he is a caring person very. But in the third year I started to feel the change from my husband’s attitude of 180 degrees. He became a very different person, easily angry, selfish, likes to lie, playing victim. I was treated like a maid. If the house is a little messy, immediately angry. Even though I clean up every time, but yes, the name also has a child toddlers.

He also cut ties with my family. Even Lebaran did not visit my parents, the reason is busy work. But a vacation with his own family wants.

About five months ago I caught him watching gay sex videos again. I can’t resist asking.

“Dad why are you watching gay videos?” I asked.

“What the hell, the cellphone person can’t watch the video,” said my husband sarcastically.

But it turned out that he lied that his cellphone could see the video. This made me even more suspicious. I had to open his WhatsApp, it turned out that he joined a sex party group! My heart hurts when I see that. I’m direct left from the group.

So far, he hasn’t changed, it’s even clearer if he is… Read on the NEXT PAGE, OK.


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