Here are 4 Tips for Studying Success from UI Students with the Highest GPA – Student Zone – Hello, Zone Friends! Have you ever felt that you were not smart and always left behind compared to others? Well, here Mimin has 4 tips for successful college from UI students with the highest GPA. Christian Evan Chandra, a graduate of Actuarial Science from the University of Indonesia, was named the winner of the highest GPA. He is the only undergraduate level graduate who won a GPA of 4 with cum laude predicate.

The 22-year-old man studied for 3.5 years with a thesis entitled Bayesian and Bootstrap Methods for Estimating Complete Mortality Tables and Annual Pure Premium Ranges for Life Insurance in Indonesia Based on Concise Mortality Tables. Achieving a high GPA must be the dream of every student, that’s why Christian or who is familiarly called Cev shares tips to achieve a high GPA along with his review.

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Choosing Majors Based on Passion

Illustration of choosing a major (Photo: Hipwee)

Cev said about his interest in Mathematics and the branch of science since childhood. For him, the field of Mathematics is very fun.

“Learning the lessons we love without being pressured by anyone, it’s really fun,” said Cev.

That way he really enjoys the learning process. That is why, Cev confidently chose Actuarial Science after completing his education at SMA Kristen 3 Penabur Jakarta in 2017.

Consistent Study and Manage Time Well

Illustration of managing time (Photo: Duniakaryawan)

As a form of accountability for his choice, Cev did not want to waste time. He realized that his burden was much heavier than when he was in high school. Therefore, Cev always strives to study consistently and manage his time well.

Whether on the way to campus or on the way home. And the break between courses, even when he always uses the weekends to continue studying.

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Confident and Always Open

Illustration of confident and open (Photo: Cantik.tempo)

Smart in terms of lessons, does not mean during college is always smooth. Cev also said he often had difficulty learning new materials. However, he has always believed that self-potential cannot be developed without effort and will.

To overcome this, he never hesitates to discuss with his lecturers, friends, and even always takes the time to attend online discussions. According to him, the more you master the subject matter, the more confident you will be, especially to answer difficult questions.

Focus on Learning Goals

Illustration focused on learning objectives (Photo:

Becoming the best graduate, with a perfect GPA is something that Cev never thought of before. The most important thing for him is to carry out his duties as a student to the best of his ability.

For Cev, the best value is not the only goal. Because there are things that are no less important, namely being able to implement and share their knowledge with others.

Here are 4 Tips for Studying Success from UI Students with the Highest GPA

Friend Zone, those were 4 tips for successful college from UI students with the highest GPAs, I hope you can do the same!

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