Here are 5 Ways to Overcome Wasteful Habits When Being a Student – ​​Student Zone – Hello Zone Friends! How are you today? Have you been feeling lazy lately? Or are you learning to save on daily expenses? On this occasion, Mimin will share tips with Zone Friends on how to overcome wasteful habits when you are a student.

Of course this is very difficult to implement, but at least Zone Buddy can solve wasteful problems in this way, even if little by little. At least it can be run well, okay.

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Don’t Be Interested In Discounts

Discount illustration (Photo: Ekbis)

Millennial students today, of course, often feel drooling when they hear discount chats. Online shop discounts or any discounts. One of the wasteful factors for students is being tempted by online shops.

To overcome it all, don’t forget to forget the words discount in Buddy Zone’s mind. Start to forget the word discount before it’s really too late and hampers your finances.

Budgeting Well and Routinely

Preparing a budget is the main step in overcoming consumptive attitudes. If you were previously financially chaotic, then start preparing a new budget properly and regularly. This is very important to reduce daily expenses and can increase your Zone Buddy savings.

Set Priority Scale

Determining the priority scale (Photo: Journal)

Every human being certainly has a priority scale in his life. These priorities are of different types, in the form of food, clothing, shoes, and other priorities. So making a priority scale means compiling a daily or monthly expenditure budget system based on a list of the most important needs in your life first. For types of needs other than those priorities can be put aside first. Most importantly, meet the basic needs first, yes.

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Turn Expensive Habits Into Cheap Habits

A cheap mindset (Photo: Solo)

One of the expensive habits is hanging out in cafes or grabbing a bite to eat at the mall. This habit makes Friend Zone spending uncontrollable. So that your frugal life can be realized well, then start by spending time hanging out at home. Zone friends can also serve food and drink menus in cafes at home or rented by yourself. The method is quite easy, buy a food recipe book and start cooking yourself.

Don’t Get Used to Living Prestige

Illustration of prestige and shopping (Photo: Enim)

One of the lives or characters that often occurs is prestige. The character is trying to be thrown away. Until it appears in our minds, especially Friend Zone who wants to live with a good future. Because prestige will make the appearance and life of the Zone Buddy become uneasy.

Here are 5 ways to overcome wasteful habits when you are a student

That’s a review that Mimin can give to live not extravagantly. Don’t forget to try and practice slowly, OK? If you can’t, then try one by one.

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