Here, Try 12 Jobs That Can Make You Travel The World!

Don’t want to get it a job that pays okay and can also travel the world? Who doesn’t want to work while traveling?

Here are 12 jobs that can make you travel the world too:

1. Flight attendants, high paying jobs can travel the world too!

First, there is a profession as an airline stewardess or also known as cabin crew. This job is in great demand because of the large number of vacancies due to great demand, besides that the qualifications required are not too high.

The impression of a flight attendant is very glamorous. With their proud uniforms, they fly from one country to another and stay in luxury hotels.

Not infrequently they have free time to travel in the destination country before returning to their home country. The salary of a flight attendant is quite high, especially since the working hours are not as many as the office hours.

But, yes, you have to endure it if you get a long-hour flight, not to mention jetlag, or you get a flight that is too early or too late.

IPAGuides has already talked to a flight attendant from Singapore Airlines who shared stories and tips on how to become a flight attendant and also how much salary you get.

travel the world with flight attendant job
My sister is a flight attendant who has traveled the world because of her work

2. Staff on cruise ships, traveling around various countries by ship

Furthermore, a job that can take you around the world is being a staff on a cruise ship. The types of work also vary as cooks, waiters, cleaning services, receptionists, performers, management staff and others.

Working on a cruise ship is quite stressful because you will be sailing for a long period of time. But when the ship stops at the port of a certain country, then you can also go down when there is rest time.

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a job that can travel the world on a cruise ship
Work as a staff on a cruise ship

3. Journalist/Journalist, the job of covering the news while traveling the world

As a journalist or journalist there are times when you have to cover a news story in another country. This profession is quite fun because you can travel and of course paid for by the company.

Usually the special skills needed to become a journalist or journalist are the ability to gather news, good communication to interview sources, and good writing skills.

Sometimes it’s the package to be a photographer or videographer too. So journalists must be able to adapt well and also think creatively and critically.

For example, there is Rahma Ahmad, a blogger who was also a journalist by profession. Through his work as a journalist, he was able to visit other countries.

4. Diplomats, move countries to build relations between countries

If you want to work for the state or in a government agency as a Civil Servant (PNS), you can pursue a career as a diplomat.

Diplomats are representatives of state governments whose duty is to carry out diplomatic activities between countries. As a diplomat, you can be assigned to service abroad.

So this job allows you not only to travel abroad but also to live in another country for a certain period of time (usually 2-3 years).

His responsibility as a diploma is also great because he has to represent his country of origin, establish relationships and cooperation in the economic, political, socio-cultural, and other fields.

5. Tour Guide, a job that can definitely travel the world!

One of the jobs related to traveling is a tour guide or tour guide. Well, if you like chatting with people, like traveling, this job is perfect for you.

As a tour guide, your job is to bring guests to visit tourist attractions in the destination country and ensure the satisfaction and safety of guests.

You must understand information, history, and also the special things of a tourist attraction, besides that you must have a cool personality, can bring the atmosphere.

The salary of the tour guide is also decent, especially when you get tips from guests. It’s like rowing two or three islands once. You can travel and earn more money.

work related to traveling tour guide
I’ve also been a part time tour guide

6. Foreign Language Teacher, teaching languages ​​abroad

It turns out that being a teacher can travel the world too! Positions as teachers who teach languages, especially English, are needed in many countries, for example in China and South Korea.

I have met several Indonesian friends who work as English teachers abroad. Make sure you have the qualifications and certifications to be more likely to be accepted.

7. Freelancer/Remote Work, can work in any country!

Nowadays, there are many professions that do not require you to come to the office. As long as there is internet, you can. The cool term is remote work.

Examples of professions that can work remotely are IT programmers, web developers, digital marketing, graphic design, and many more.

In addition, there are also freelancers (freelancers) who are not tied to a company.

Now there are lots of sites for freelancers to find work online, in Indonesia there are,, etc.

If you have skills that you can sell and work on online, you can try becoming a freelancer. Well, because you don’t have to come to the office, you can work from anywhere. Whether on the beach, in another country, at a cafe, whatever you like!

8. Travel Blogger/Vlogger, invited to travel to cover tourism destinations

This is a job that many people are interested in and has something to do with traveling – be a travel blogger or a travel vlogger!

It’s a good job, all you have to do is take a walk and then document it in a blog or video. As a travel blogger, I myself have received several invitations to take part in media trips, and I was paid again.

The source of income for a travel blogger or vlogger can be from advertisements, endorsements or paid campaigns, sponsorships, and other bloggers’ collaborations.

It’s just that it’s not easy to get to the point where you can self-sustain or earn from this work. Interested in becoming a travel blogger? It’s best to learn how to start a blog so that you can make money.

make money online
Examples of paid trips that I get as a blogger

9. Au Pair Program, can interact with local people

Have you ever heard of the Au Pair program? In short this program allows you to work in another country as an assistant in a family.

Similar to a nanny or babysitter but slightly different because the goal is more of a cultural exchange.

For more details about the Au Pair program, please read about what the Au Pair program is, how and how to register, and also which countries you can visit, and experience as an Au Pair.

10. Work and Holiday Programs in other countries

If you want to live while working abroad but not for a long period of time, you can try the work and holiday visa (WHV).

With this visa you can stay and find work in the country for a year, there are also some that can be extended up to 2-3 years.

The most popular are working holidays in Australia. I myself have lived and worked in Australia with this type of visa. Just casual work, as a waitress. That’s all, working in Australia the salary is calculated by the hour and is high.

Curious about my experience of living in Australia for a year on a working holiday visa? Read firsthand how and conditions for applying for a working holiday visa (WHV) in Australia.

11. Study abroad with scholarships

The title is work, why is it college again? Yes, who knows you are tired of working and want to continue studying, you can try to find a scholarship. Some scholarships provide pocket money per month too, so it’s like being paid to study again, hehe.

This is the method that I use to be able to live abroad while traveling in that country as well. My choice fell to China, because I really want to travel there.

I continued my master’s degree in China again with a scholarship called the Chinese Government Scholarship provided by the Chinese government.

For 2 years I studied and was also able to travel to many interesting tourist destinations in China.

live in china for college
The joy of living and studying in China

12. Participate in volunteer programs abroad

Lastly, there is a volunteer program, but this one is not paid for. If you just want to travel the world or travel in an economical way, you can try the volunteer program.

There are several sites that offer volunteer programs such as Helpx, Workaway, and WWOOF. The system is to exchange the services we can offer for free housing.

Personally, when I travel, I like to use this method, I can stay in one place longer, and I also add experience that can be included in my CV as well.

travel the world with flight attendant job
Volunteer in the garden

There are 12 jobs that can travel the world and some are even related to traveling. Which profession is right for you? Or is there a job I forgot to mention above? Comment yes!

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