Here’s an Easy Way to Master Facebook Copywriting Techniques That Make Competitors Envy You

Copywriting is part of creative advertising which is a skill in making advertising scripts with words that combine creative, intellectual, and artistic work so that the purpose of selling a product can be conveyed.

The presence of copywriting in the advertising field is a breath of fresh air. With copywriting, it is expected to be able to successfully communicate the message to the target market.
Copywriting is said to be successful if it meets the following criteria.

1. Capable of attracting the attention of clients

2. Able to attract client’s interest

3. Able to influence the needs and desires of clients

4. Can convince clients

5. Can influence the client to do like the message in the advertisement

Copywriting is a technique for producing writing (which can now also be added in addition to writing) that attracts readers. Copywriting is very important for the world of advertising, including in the world of digital marketing. When the reader is interested, the next expected response is that the reader/viewer/listener buys the product if the technique is used to sell the product. In simple terms, this copywriting is a seller / sales in an indirect form.

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Facebook still holds the status as one of the social media with the largest users, especially in Indonesia. Therefore, Facebook is a lucrative business field for internet marketers.

At first, Facebook functioned as a social media that connects you with friends. You can post statuses, photos, and so on. However, seeing its development, Facebook has become a strategic market field. Facebook also provides a fan page facility that you can use to market your products.


question now is, how to make Facebook an effective and efficient place to do business online?

Responsible for the fulfillment of the elements of copywriting above is the creative team of an advertising agency. However, you can also become a copywriter for your own product. For that, you need to know some basic characteristics of copywriting as a determinant of success in advertising. These characters include the following.

id="1-pengulangan">1. Repetition

Repetition is the secret to a successful ad.

2. Advertising content must be selling

Even though the purpose of the ad is only a reminder, the content must still be selling.

3. Make words effective

Advertising messages should make maximum use of words. Use short but catchy sentences.

4. Easy to understand

The words used should be easy for the reader to understand.

Facebook Copywriting Techniques

To be successful on Facebook, you need to apply copywriting principles. The following is facebook copywriting technique which you can apply when selling on Facebook.

1. Give Suggestions

Make a statement that the reader indirectly agrees or agrees with. Make sure that the answer from readers generally is “yes”. If the suggestion has been successfully implanted, then you just need to take the next step containing the main message that you are going to sell.


you’re having trouble making sentences, you can start with questions like these, “Wouldn’t you like to…?”, “Can you…?”, and so on.

2. Focus on Benefits

This is one of the copywriting principles that should not be forgotten. Some people may be too concerned with the specifications of the product to ignore this. State the benefits of your product.

Sometimes people don’t understand what the benefits of your product are if you just write down the specifications.

For example the following sentence.

“Get internet service at speeds up to 50 mbps.”

At first glance this seems normal and normal. However, for advertising sentences, it is not right on target. Sometimes people can’t understand what is the benefit of 50 mbps internet speed as compared to 20 Mbps.

3. Double Binding

What is meant by double binding?

Double binding is providing a pseudo-bid. It’s as if you give a choice, even though you make only one answer that the reader agrees with. For example, “Is it better to share this secret now or later?”

This method does not always work, but it has proven to be effective.

4. Create Urgency


urgency when offering a product. For example, by providing limited time offers or giving bonuses to the first 15 buyers. Or give a discount for purchases within a certain period of time. By providing a limit like this, they will be persuaded to buy immediately. This has a different effect if you don’t create urgency in your sentence.

5. Be Specific

When making an offer sentence, be specific. People are more attracted to things that are specific and seem certain. For example, the following sentence.

“You want to be skinny?”

Contrast this with, “You want to lose weight in a month?”

6. Testimonials

So that people believe in you, it’s a good idea to give testimonials from your customers once or twice. Make sure the testimonials don’t seem artificial. Also include a short bio of the testimonial giver. For online based sales that are prone to fraud, trust is the main thing you bet on.

7. Show Product Visual

Because buyers can’t see the goods directly, photos or visual images of your products have a very important role. This will help potential customers to get a real picture.

8. Don’t Force

People don’t like being forced to do something. So are you right? Do not use sentences that seem to force potential buyers. Use sentences that make potential buyers feel comfortable and don’t feel forced to buy. Make sentences with subtle nuances.

Copywriting Benefits

If you understand copywriting, then you will get several benefits for your Facebook business, including:

  1. If you understand copywriting, your branding will go up too. This is because you can describe the positive values ​​of the items you sell. This good image will attract consumers so as to increase sales.
  2. You as a copywriter of your own product know and understand what consumers expect from the products offered.
  3. If you know the working principles of a copywriter, you will be able to help consumers get the information they need. For example about what are the benefits of your product and who they should contact if they want the product or service offered.
  4. You as a product copywriter, you can write down the more value of your product when compared to other products.
  5. With expertise in wording, copywriters have the ability to attract and persuade consumers to use the goods or services that you offer.

Those were some things related to copywriting that you can apply to the business you run on social media like Facebook. By knowing the criteria, principles about copywriting, you can use them to advance your online business or internet marketing.

Learning is the main key to the smooth running of things. For that, never be lazy to learn about this so that you can have the ability of a good copywriter for your own product.