Here’s How to Activate and Register an MPWR Card

How to activate MPWR card

How to activate mpwr card — Indosat has released the latest progress with MPWR. For those who don’t know, MPWR is Indosat’s lifestyle telecommunication service.

The presence of MPWR is expected to meet people’s digital needs and lifestyle.

On this occasion, we will discuss more about MPWR.

How to activate MPWR card
Here's How to Activate and Register an MPWR Card 4

You can find out more about what MPWR is and how to activate it by reading this article.

Listen carefully to understand more about Indosat’s MPWR.

What is an MPWR card?

This MPWR card is a starter card issued by Indosat. Unlike the usual starter packs, with this MPWR you can have the freedom to choose the number you want to use.

You can also freely choose which internet package suits your needs.

MPWR is also not just a starter card. MPWR comes in the form of an application where you can easily fulfill your lifestyle needs from within the application.

At MPWR, you can find lots of promotions for lifestyle brands.

How to register MPWR card

Those of you who want to use an MPWR card must register or register first before buying it. The registration process as well as buying an MPWR card can only be done from the MPWR application. Here’s how to register for an MPWR card:

  1. Download the MPWR application from the Play Store or App Store.
  2. Open the MPWR application, then you can press the Register button to register.
  3. A lifestyle choice will appear, you can choose the lifestyle you like. For example, if you like exercising, you can click Exercise.
  4. Press the Let’s Get Started button, various promotions will appear that you might like. You can press the Want to Register! button.
  5. Then you have to choose which Internet package you want to use and press the Next button.
  6. Your total purchase details will appear in MPWR, just press the Next button!
  7. Register by logging in using your Facebook account or Google account.
  8. Select the phone number you want to use. If there is no good phone number, you can press the refresh button in the upper right corner.
  9. Press the Next button, then you can fill in the registration fields according to your personal data. Make sure the address is correct because your MPWR card will be sent to this address.
  10. Finally, you can complete your payment using your preferred payment method.

How to activate MPWR card

Upon arrival of the package containing the MPWR card, you must activate it. Here are the steps to activate the MPWR card:

  1. Insert your MPWR card into the empty SIM slot.
  2. After installing the MPWR card, you can open the MPWR application.
  3. Activate it by pressing the Activate my MPWR button.
  4. Continue the activation process by entering data such as KTP and KK numbers.
  5. Also scan the barcode on the MPWR envelope you received. The goal is for you to get an ICCID number.
  6. The activation process is complete and your MPWR card is ready to use.

Not easy to activate MPWR card? That’s all we can say about how to activate the MPWR card, I hope this article is useful.