Here’s How to Create a Cool Online Portfolio, Friend!

Have skills programming languages ​​like Java, Ruby, C, and Python? Want to seize more opportunities by selling your services? Wow, that’s really possible, bro! You can offer your services and be involved in many projects in the future. So that more and more people invite collaborations together, you must have a cool portfolio. Find out how to create a portfolio on line which is able to attract potential users skills you. Get them hooked with skills programming that you show in your portfolio. Let them know that you are a programmer reliable with a lot of experience. Want to know how to make a portfolio on line interesting and can bring many projects for you? Check out the five points below!

how to make an online portfolio easily
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Choose platform portfolio on line

The first thing you need to do if you want to create a portfolio on line is to choose platform which you will use. You can take advantage of website

as platform portfolio on line. Website is platform the most widely used to create a portfolio on line. One of web platform the most popular is wordpress. Platforms it provides many supporting tools for creating portfolios on line interesting in an easy way.

Creating a portfolio domain on line

The next step you need to do is register domain. You can use these two tips:

  1. Choose the extension that you like the most. The extension that until now people really like is (dot)com. It would be better if you choose this extension for domain you.
  2. Create a name domain
    seller. Name domain like what sells? Name domain what sells is a domain name that can describe you and skills which you will display. For those of you who want to show skills in programming, it’s good to include the word “programming” or “programmer” in
    name domain you.

To make the process easier, you can buy domain for portfolio on line. A little bit more, website you will be ready soon. Continue to the next step and how to create a portfolio on line so it’s easier.

Use web hosting

Make domain alone will not be enough. We recommend that you use the service web hosting let website portfolio on line you can walk more optimally, friend. There are several types web hosting which you can choose. Starting from shared hosting up to wordpress type hosting especially for wordpress users. For starters, you can use the service web hosting simple one. After visitors website you are more crowded, you can improve service web hosting used.

“Sell” yourself

How to make a portfolio on line what’s interesting is to “sell” yourself in the portfolio. There are several ways that you can use to create portfolio contents on

line selling are as follows:

  1. Tell yourself honestly. You not only need to include your work, but also your personal data at a glance.
  2. Can you list some programming languages ​​that are your skills?
  3. Show your best work
  4. Showcase the best projects you’ve ever worked on. As much as possible, list the most prestigious projects you have participated in
  5. Create attractive visualizations
  6. Include positive ratings from previous clients
  7. Get them to contact you right away

Optimization website portfolio on line already made

After performing the steps above, the next step you need to do is optimization website that you use. You have to do the optimization process in stages. You can perform several optimization techniques such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The results of this optimization activity can only be seen in a gradual period of time. This optimization needs to be done to keep people visiting the portfolio on line you.

Steps to create a portfolio on line above you can apply right now. Don’t forget to choose a manufacturing service provider domain and web hosting best for portfolio on line you. Take a look at Jagoan Hosting’s offers and carefully consider the offers we provide. We are sure, our offer is very suitable for all of you.


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