Here’s How to Make Money from TaniHub Online

How to Make Money on TaniHub

Recently I observed a new application related to the world of agriculture. The name of the application is TaniHub.

This application often appears its Ads ads through this blog. Then, I was interested in sharing an article about how to make money from TaniHub online.

The reason I want to discuss this application is because TaniHub’s vision is good. More than that, the appearance of the website is pleasing to the eye. And of course the many uses of the TaniHub application for farmers and consumers.

In accordance with the statement on the website, I believe that the TaniHub application can certainly contribute to advancing agriculture in Indonesia.

Well, to understand more deeply about this application, see my explanation below.

What is the TaniHub app?

In my understanding, TaniHub is a kind of app E-Commerce. He focuses on selling agricultural products.

Moreover, the main focus of the TaniHub Group itself when making this application, they hope to make farmers in Indonesia even more prosperous.

I think this application is a kind of solution to the problem of food distribution. Because, TaniHub directly connects traders and farmers.


the main idea or initial idea from TaniHub, they want farmers in Indonesia to be able to enjoy results that are truly fair considering the hard work of farmers has been extraordinary.

Well, the TaniHub platform, so far, in my personal opinion, is the right choice for housewives in shopping for their daily basic needs.

In the midst of busy work at home or in the office, for example, just open this application to buy vegetables. This is more practical than having to go to the market and spend double the money to use an ojek service, for example.


little more information about the TaniHub app; now there are thousands of farmers who have joined the TaniHub group ecosystem. So, there is no doubt about the quality.

How to make money from TaniHub online

There are several ways to earn money through this application. But, it’s a good idea to first install this application so that later you can understand it easily.


let’s say you have successfully installed this application, then do the following ways to earn income from TaniHub.

Maximize the Bag-Sharing feature on TaniHub in order to get bonuses

First, to get a lot of bonuses through this feature, you must first invite your friends to shop at TaniHub so that they both get a profit.

The method:

  1. First click the share and profit feature
  2. Then share a voucher code of around 25 thousand rupiah to Adana’s friends who have never used and transacted on the TaniHub application.
  3. Also get a 15 thousand rupiah voucher after your friend successfully activates the BAGI-BAGI voucher code and also makes a transaction
  4. Also make sure that they actually make transactions so that you make a profit

Join the TaniHub patriot


TaniHub or the abbreviation of Pahlawan Mitra TaniHub are agents who are said to be the best and are also selected by TaniHub. They help local farmers and MSMEs.

In this case, Patriot offers a variety of vegetables, basic necessities, and fruit, while offering culinary entrepreneurs the products chosen by the farmers.

Later, Patriot TaniHub will get additional income based on a commission which of course is in accordance with the harvest that is distributed to the culinary entrepreneur.

In essence, the more TaniHub Patriots get clients, the more additional income they get.

Various bonuses in the TaniHub application through the two ways above

Bonus through the sharing feature

  • When you invite 5 or up to 9 friends, the GoPay or OVO balance that you will get is IDR 50,000
  • Then, invite 10 to 20 friends, the GoPay balance that goes to your account is Rp. 100,000
  • More than that or more than 20 from friends, GoPay balance comes in for Rp. 200,000

Bonus for being a patriot

You will get bonuses in the form of cash, cooking utensils, cellphones, home kitchen needs and business needs. In fact, you can even get electronic tools. Well, what makes it even more exciting is that these bonuses will always be there every month.

style="text-align: left;">Conclusion

The existence of the TaniHub application in addition to making it easier for farmers, also provides many benefits for its consumers.

Take a look, even though there are only two ways to earn on TaniHub, the bonuses it provides are huge.

So, my advice, from now on just install the TaniHub app, and start earning money there!

Maybe that’s the only way to make money from TaniHub. Hopefully this article is useful.