Here’s the Facts Behind the Viral of Jokowi’s New Illustrated Money – Student Zone – Recently, social media was shocked by the circulation of 100 rupiah notes with a picture of President Jokowi on Monday (8/2/2021).

The banknotes went viral, because an account called @aku.ijot uploaded them on TikTok. From the video, many are wondering whether there will be redenomination or simplification of currency values ​​without changing the exchange rate.

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Physical Details of Circulating Money

A viral image of the Rp100 bill (Photo:

On the front side of the picture of the money in circulation, it is pink. Then, there is the face of President Jokowi, the inscription of Bank Indonesia, the rectoverso logo complete with the serial number. Then, on the back side of the money there is a picture of the Bogor Palace.

For Redenomination

Image of the viral Rp100 bill (Photo:

The TikTok content also said that the Rp100 note was redenomination money or the omission of 3 zeros behind.

“Indonesia wants redenomination. So the currency digits are reduced by the nominal value,” wrote @aku.ijot in the video.

In addition, designs of banknotes with pictures of President Jokowi also circulated on Instagram. The design of the money is also exactly the same, namely the Rp100 denomination which is the result of redenomination of Rp100,000.

Bank Indonesia (BI) stated that the plan to simplify currency values ​​or redenomination by the central bank and the government is still ongoing. However, this plan is strongly influenced and determined by social, political, and economic conditions.

Launching from, “Although redenomination will not actually change the purchasing power of the money we have, these social conditions will determine people’s acceptance,” said Head of the BI Communications Department, Erwin Haryono.

According to Erwin, jokes or incitement to redenomination of rupiah, such as what happened in video uploads from several social media accounts and viral, can occur on a wide scale. These conditions can also affect the implementation of redenomination.

“Stable social, political and economic conditions are very important in the implementation of redenomination. Experience in many countries shows this,” said Erwin Haryono.

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Bank Indonesia Denies Ever Issued Jokowi’s Image

Picture of the Head of the BI Communications Department Erwin Haryono (Photo:

Erwin Haryono denied that Bank Indonesia had never printed the Rp100 bill with a picture of President Jokowi. He added that currently BI is monitoring the circulation of the denominations.

Erwin appealed to the public to always be careful in creating content, especially regarding rupiah. These people are also just looking for a mere sensation and better removed. Because after all, according to him, the rupiah is a symbol of state sovereignty.

This information is a hoax manipulated content (content manipulation). Manipulated content or manipulated content usually contains edits from information that has been published by major and credible media. In short, this type of content aims to deceive the public.

Here’s the Facts Behind the Viral of Jokowi’s New Money

That’s a review of the facts behind the viral Rp100 bill with a picture of Jokowi. Later, Bank Indonesia confirmed that it was a hoax and never printed the Rp100 note.

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