Here’s the Right Way to Make Breast Milk Thicker and Smoother

Jakarta – Maybe there are mothers who think why the breast milk of other mothers can be thick. Hmm, how to make breast milk thicker, which is said to make babies full quickly.

Yes, some mothers who always breastfeed directly may not pay attention to the consistency of the breast milk given to their little one. But for breast milk fighters who always pump regularly, the viscosity of breast milk is often a concern.

When breast milk is pumped and put into a bottle, it’s obvious whether the milk is thick or a little runny. This is also a concern for busuis because thick breast milk is said to be more nutritious and makes babies full.

This is where you really need to know. In fact, diluted breast milk is actually a normal thing. Mother. And, diluted breast milk is also very safe and healthy to give to your little one. Similar to the dairy products we consume, breast milk consists of various components that settle and separate.

“Breast milk can separate when stored. Usually the fat will rise to the top and the milk will appear runny at the bottom,” said Maureen McCormick, IBCLC, a lactation consultant at Northwell Health Long Island Jewish Medical Center, as quoted from the page. Romper.

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Oh yes, Mother, sometimes too, breast milk can look lumpy. But this does not mean that breast milk is bad. Remember if the milk looks separated in the refrigerator, just turn it slowly and don’t shake it before giving it to the baby, Mom.

In addition, you also need to know that your breast milk may look thinner. According to La Leche League International, foremilk or the milk that comes out at the beginning of breastfeeding does tend to be more watery than hindmilk the portion of breast milk that the baby gets at the end of feeding.

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Also watch the video about the causes of thick breast milk like pudding:

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