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Mount Papandayan is one of my favorite mountains. A mountain located in Garut, West Java it has very easy access. The path is not difficult so it is suitable for novice climbers.

Mount Papandayan has a height of 2,665 meters above sea level. This mountain offers a very interesting view. Starting from dead forests, craters that are still active.

If you just want hiking or camping relaxing to pass weekendI recommend going to Mount Papandayan instead. The distance is also not too far from Jakarta and Bandung.

Well, in this article I will share information Mount Papandayan climbing route, how to get to Mount Papandayan from Jakarta, and how much is the entrance ticket.

How to get to Mount Papandayan

The trip can be started from Jakarta or Bandung with the following routes:

  1. Bus Jakarta/Bandung – Garut. From Jakarta you can take the Primajasa Bus to Garut. Buses depart from Cililitan Terminal, Pasar Rebo, or Kampung Rambutan. Travel time is about 5 hours with a bus ticket price of IDR 52,000. The Primajasa bus departs every 45 minutes with a schedule between 3.30 am to 10 pm. From Bandung, even closer, you can take a minibus from Leuwipanjang Terminal to Garut, but you can ask to be stopped at the Cisurupan T-junction. Travel time is about 2 hours with a ticket price of IDR 20,000.
  2. Garut Minibus – Cisurupan T-junction. After arriving at Guntur Terminal, Garut, you have to take another minibus to the Cisurupan Market T-junction. The journey using a minibus is approximately 1 hour with a ticket price of IDR 13,000. The last schedule for this minibus is until 6 pm.
  3. Ojek/Pickup T-junction Cisurupan Market – Camp David. Well, from the T-junction, you have to take another motorcycle taxi or a car pick up. Approximately 30 minutes. The fare for an ojek is around IDR 15,000 – 25,000. Whereas pick up one car Rp 200,000 can fit 10-15 people.

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Mount Papandayan entrance ticket price

The entrance ticket to Mount Papandayan is IDR 20,000 (weekdays) and IDR 30,000 (holidays) for domestic touristsIDR 200,000 (weekdays) and IDR 300,000 (holidays) for foreign tourists.

Besides that, the rate for camping is IDR 35,000 for domestic tourists and IDR 105,000 for foreign tourists.

Papandayan Mountain Hiking Trail

Climbing Mount Papandayan can be done in 2 days and 1 night. The path is quite gentle. Still make sure to bring the necessary hiking equipment.

The following is the itinerary, hiking trails, and estimated time to climb Mount Papandayan:

Camp David – Mas Crater (20 minutes)

Okay, let’s start the climb. After leaving Camp Davidyou will pass through a crater that still emits steam.

Mount Papandayan is quite unique, because usually when you climb the mountain, you can only see the crater from its peak.

This means the climbing basecamp is usually built on the other side of the mountain.

But Mount Papandayan is different. The position of the basecamp is actually located directly under the crater.

You can see steam rising out of it, occasionally you can hear the sound of sulfur boiling from the crater hole.

The view of white volcanic rock combined with steam here and there is incredibly beautiful.

About 20-30 minutes walk through the crater, a small path will take you to the ridge.

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Garut Mas crater
Mount Papandayan Crater

Kawah Mas – Pondok Salada (1 – 2 hours)

On the right you can see a small green lake Tosca which was formed during the eruption in 2002.

Follow the path down until you meet a small stream. Well, gather your energy to climb a fairly steep path.

There is a fork, on the left the path is gentle but further. On the right is a short path, but yes, it’s more tiring.

After 1-2 hours of climbing (depending on speed and stamina), arrived at Salada hut.

you can-camp here, there is clean water too, or continue climbing until Tegal Alun.

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Papandayan mountain hiking trail
Back hill after passing through the crater

Pondok Salada – Dead Forest – Tegal Alun (1 hour)

There are 3 routes to get to Tegal Alun. The fastest is the right side path, just cut through the middle of the forest on the other side of the ridge.

The path is very steep, but it takes 30-45 minutes to reach Tegal Alun.

The path on the left is easier, you will pass the famous dead forest on Mount Papandayan. It’s up to you which path you choose. When I went up through the right side, the descent just passed through the dead forest.

Arrive at Tegal Alun. This area is filled with beautiful edelweiss flower beds. From Tegal Alun it is close to the top.

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Papandayan's Dead Forest
Dead forest

Tegal Alun – Mountain Peak (1 hour)

In my opinion, you don’t need to get to the top. From Tegal Alun you still have to walk about 1 hour.

Until the top there is also no good view, the surroundings are just trees like in the middle of a forest.

As I recall, after Tegal Alun there was a valley with a flowing river. Spot here is quite good and memorable for me.

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Pondok Salada Mount Papandayan

edelweiss field


Now you understand why Mount Papandayan is my favorite mountain? The location is not far from Jakarta or Bandung. The scenery also varies, there are craters, dead forests, and also edelweiss flower beds.

That’s the record of climbing Mount Papandayan complete with hiking trails and an itinerary for 2 days 1 night. Have you ever climbed Mount Papandayan? How was your experience? Share in the comments column yes!

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