Home Business Opportunities in the Village

Did you know, to build a business, you don’t have to move to the city first, just because there are more people there and they say the average income is higher.

Even though life is simpler, many rural people are rich. So this is the reason why opening a business or business in the village can also be done.

You don’t have to worry about what ideas you can choose when you’re in the village.

There are a lot of potential commodities that only exist in villages and you can develop them for economic change for the surrounding community and of course yourself.

Even more encouraging, some of these commodities can even be done at home.

There must be many of you who are curious about what commodities you can use to thicken your wallet, right?

But before starting to know the kinds of commodities and opening a business, there are several points that you must prepare, namely:

Find out what you are going to sell and make sure the raw materials are affordable and how to get them

Although in villages and the scale of population volume is not as much as in cities, still do market research.


traditional market sellers to go online and find out the needs of people who live in villages or towns around the village where you live, you can send their needs after ordering online using a trusted expedition

Don’t forget to learn from experts or sources who know the state of the market and experts who are experienced in their fields.

For example, to become a catfish entrepreneur, look for experts who have run their catfish business in the village, then do innovation or differentiation so that the products you sell are not too similar to the catfish products that that person sells.

style="white-space: pre;"> Also pay attention to the state of the village where you live, find out what the village needs and doesn’t exist yet.

Home Business Opportunities in the Village


after preparing some of the points above, consider some examples or business ideas that you can do and develop in the village.

Business in the village is usually synonymous with animal husbandry and this has been proven. By living in the village.

In addition to supporting land, you can meet many experienced people to get information on opportunities and how to start a business in the livestock sector and develop your own business.

One of the easier farms to do is to run a chicken and cow farming business, the results of which you can not only sell to the surrounding community but also to urban communities.

The business of establishing a petrol pump also has bright prospects if it is established in a village. Currently, many villagers use motorbikes and cars which of course require fuel. Meanwhile, many gas stations are not easily accessible by the public.


salons can not only be opened in urban areas, because the needs of beauty services are not only needed by urban communities but also rural communities need them for various official events or just beauty treatments.

In addition to beauty treatments, you can also add hair salon services that can cut or treat the health and appearance of your hair.

Uniquely, you can open this hair salon service for both men and women. Some of the services that you can sell are haircuts, cream baths, rebounding, and so on.

There are many kinds of culinary businesses, ranging from culinary businesses in the form of cafes, food stalls, canteen stalls, restaurants, or kitchen spice shops.

The market share for the culinary line of business can be anyone from fathers, mothers, migrants, even school children.

You can adjust to the needs around the village you live in. For example, opening a simple cafe because in the village there is not a single cafe, so young people there can spend their time hanging out with friends at your business cafe.


the village has qualified land, in addition to opening up your opportunity to open an animal husbandry business, you can also choose to open a plantation business if you prefer farming or farming.

You can start farming organically or non-organically. However, choosing organic products as agricultural products that you will sell will certainly have a higher market share,

Not only can you sell it to the surrounding community, but you can also send it to various urban areas using good and professional expeditions and packaging.

Home Business Opportunities in the Village

It seems that basic food stalls can be opened anywhere, in the city or in the village because basic food stalls are a line of business that provides basic daily needs, especially those related to household needs.

Every house definitely needs furniture and this cannot be ignored by urban or rural communities.

However, by opening a furniture business in the village, you can reduce the price of production and the wages of the workers because the UMR value is different between the city and the village and the basic materials for furniture are cheaper if you buy it from the village than if you buy it from an urban area.

This furniture business allows you to sell various kinds of furniture such as chairs, tables, cabinets, shelves, and much more.

Fish farming is one of the commodities that can be developed in the village and is one of the livestock businesses. Moreover, the market potential is high due to the interest of Indonesians in consuming fish both in villages and in cities

Opening a business for fishermen and farmers has very good prospects in the future, because the majority of jobs in the village are fishermen and farming.

Then you can see the conditions around you and check what needs are more needed by the people around you.

If they are mostly farmers, it will be profitable if you sell various seeds or necessities that support farming activities.

On the other hand, if the dominant profession in your environment is fishing, it would be more suitable if you sell various necessities for fishermen, including food ingredients that can be used as provisions for them while sailing for some time.

Selling a souvenir shop is certainly very profitable, especially when your village is quite busy with newcomers and tourists.

Look for something that is unique to your village, ranging from unique building forms that can be used as miniatures, tourist attractions, to souvenir shops for typical food from your village.

If your village doesn’t already have something that can be used as a characteristic, try making one that you create yourself.

For example, if your village doesn’t have typical food, try looking for recipes or food sources that are abundant in your village but quite difficult to find in other areas.

Then make your own recipe and do great branding. You are ready to market the product and give a special name for your village

Home Business Opportunities in the Village

If you have expertise in the field of creativity and can make various handicrafts, try looking for rupiah coffers from making handicrafts.

Or if you have friends or someone who can make handicrafts typical of your village, try to work together and market these handicrafts into a product typical of your village.

If you think the craft is not too unique, there are many that are sold everywhere, try making a differentiation.

For example, rattan wood crafts, this rattan wood craft can be found in any area, but if you want to market it, make a differentiation by making a unique shaped rattan craft and naming the shape of the rattan futniture as a typical rattan wood craft from your village.

The online shop is the most flexible business and can be done by anyone and anywhere, including those who live in villages and are under 17 years old.

Anyone can create an online shop, you can sell anything, including some commodities that are only found in the village or become a characteristic of the village where you live. You can also be creative according to your passion and sell your products online.