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ipadguides.id – CCTV footage of the seconds of a Yogyakarta Art Institute (ISI) student being held at a knife by an unknown man has gone viral on social media. This incident occurred when three students were in the campus area. The video started from a Facebook account named Wsnu Aji Styo Wicaksono who shared it in the Info Cegatan Jogja group on Saturday (3/4/2021).

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Chronology of Events

CCTV video at ISI Yogyakarta (Source: youtube.com/Tribun Jateng)

There are three female students who were caught on CCTV sitting on the steps at the front door of the lobby. Two female students are playing on their cellphones and one is tidying up their work.

Then, suddenly a man wearing trousers, jacket and black hat came. He came with his partner who was waiting on a motorbike in front of the building. At first, the three female students did not suspect the man at all.

Suddenly, the man in the black coat took out a sickle and pointed it at the two women who were playing with the cellphone. The man also crouched down to pick up something on the floor.

Then, the three female students were surprised and ran as fast as possible, even leaving their belongings there. Then, the perpetrator immediately ran to his partner and left the location on a motorbike.

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Happening in the In-Campus Area

A video clip of the incident (Photo: jateng.tribunnews.com)

This incident occurred on 24/3/2021 at around 19.27 WIB and was in an area within the campus.

“This incident is at the ISI Yogyakarta campus, please residents, local security forces or security in the Sewon area to provide even tighter security considering these are difficult times, don’t let this incident disturb the community and also students around the ISI Yogyakarta campus, thank you for posting this is passed, greetings Aspal Ngronjal,” wrote the uploader.

Horror! Seconds of ISI Yogyakarta Student Ditodong Clurit on Campus

That’s a review of the moments when a student of ISI Yogyakarta was held at the gun by a sickle on campus. Stay alert and take care of yourself wherever and whenever. Because, danger is always stalking us.

Hopefully this review is useful for Zone Buddy. Don’t forget to keep up to date with information about students and the world of lectures by activating the Student Zone website notification. See you later!

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