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CRAZY! When I just turned on my macbook, I can already make coffee! (why coffee?). Yes, when you just login to the desktop, the core 2 duo’s temperature is already over 60 degrees Celsius. It’s still idle, you know, when you open the application, especially Photoshop or Final Cut Studio, it’s already reached 95 degrees! Here’s a screenshot of iStat when Maccy just turned on. Note that the fan is the same at 6200 rpm (normal conditions are only 2000 rpm).

Is this when it’s just turned on when it’s already 61 degrees?

Okay, as far as I know, my old white macbook does have a lot of issues about overheating. Especially after I tried to search the forum forums, it turns out that there are indeed many cases that occur.

So the source of the overheating problem that I got from the forums is:

  • Flash! Yes, as we all know that Steve Jobs is a bit of a disliking Flash. It’s outdated technology. But please, Uncle Steve, why does Mac always eat a lot? resources when playing flash content. my macbook plays to youtube? Prepare coffee and fried bananas.
  • There is a pending print job, the processor immediately went crazy; I don’t know why this is a bug that’s been around for a long time. But now I seem to never experience it again.
  • The engine is not compatible with the snow leopard; For Macbooks that are not yet 64-bit, but have Snow Leopard installed, there are reports of overheating.
  • There is dust clogging the ventilation fan.

After trial and error, what to do with the software, the macbook just came out just fine. Finally, I was desperate to open this laptop to see the condition inside. Well, take a look. (sorry, the car uses a cellphone camera)

When I opened it, I immediately saw dust everywhere. Then when I looked at the fan vent, there was something like a heatsink supporting rubber. However, upon closer inspection it turned out to be a pile of dust!

Yes, it turns out that all this time the dust was blocking the hot air out of my macbook. This is the dust that has accumulated for 3 years in the macbook. I want to upload a photo of the dust, it’s really lazy, it’s not very good. It’s like chicken t*i. :hammers:

Voila! After the suspect was removed, I tried to turn on the macbook and the result was…

EXTRAORDINARY! only 40 degrees when you don’t open the application, open YouTube at 50-60 degrees too. And the sound of that 6200 rpm fan? gone with the wind!

Well, finally my room became quieter again without the sound of Maccy’s fan.

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