How come you guys have the heart to make fun of my disabled ears at a high school farewell event?


I didn’t expect that the farewell party for 3rd grade high school that I attended 14 years ago would be the only event I regret that I attended. The event that I thought would be a farewell event full of emotion because we were going to be students turned out to make me speachless.

How could I not, in the middle of the farewell event, the committee gave a award for us. And, well my name is called to receive award the.

Not the most diligent, smartest, or exemplary student that I got, but the “Dekbu” Student. I was wondering, what is ‘dekbu’? It turned out to be a nickname they had given me without my knowing it, because they all thought that if I was called from the left side, I would not answer.

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Iyaaaa.. ‘dekbu’ they mean Budek or deaf or can’t hear.

Since the motorcycle accident that I experienced when I was in junior high school, my nerves in my ears were cut off. So that my left ear has sensorineural hearing loss.

None of them knew about the history of my condition. Thankfully, my right ear is still functioning properly until now. So I can still hear the sound from the right ear.

If I remember, how could they treat me like that. Offended? Obviously I was very offended at being treated like that. Isn’t a deficiency not a good thing to be used as an award?

After receiving the award, I became inferior and withdrew from any crowds and associations. Why? Because I’m not comfortable if someone calls me from afar, or if suddenly someone whispers in my left ear. If I have to, then I will choose the position on the far left, so that I can still interact and communicate with my right ear.

For my high school friends class 2007 at a private high school in Sidoarjo, East Java, if you are reading this, I just want to say thank you for award-his. You should have confirmed this to me first. because it is true that one of my ears is swollen.

Be grateful if your ears are still functioning properly. I hope things like this don’t happen to your children.


(Mother R, Sidoarjo – East Java)

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