How Much Should It Cost?

How Much Should It Cost?
How Much Should It Cost?

Want to try work or work from Bali (WFB)? What do you need to prepare and how much initial cost do you have to pay to work from Bali?

Who doesn’t want to work in Bali? You can go to the beach every day, if you are bored you can go to a staycation.

The atmosphere in Bali is indeed cooler, that’s why so many people want to work from Bali.

Especially during a pandemic, where people can work independently remote or no need to go to the office.

Well, for those of you who want to come to Bali, the cool term is WFB, I just want to share a few tips, especially how much does it cost you to prepare to move to Bali.

tips need to be prepared to work from Bali (WFB)?

A little bit of intermezzo – I came to Bali around the beginning of July, so PPKM hasn’t started yet. This is also included in the things to be noted to automatically create an attendance list in excel.

I have also been vaccinated twice, that’s why I dared to come to Bali.

Before you want to work from Bali, you should check the latest regulations first because now the rules change frequently.

The latest conditions if you want to travel to Bali are (updated August 8, 2021):

  1. Must have received at least the first dose of Covid-19 vaccine by showing a vaccine card or certificate.
  2. Attach a negative PCR test result with a validity period of 2×24 hours.

So, make sure you meet the requirements above before flying to Bali. Don’t forget to keep your distance and obey the health protocols.

What costs do you need to prepare to work from Bali (WFB)?

Now let’s get into the approximate costs you have to spend to work in Bali:

1. Cost of Airfare, Hotel, and PCR Test

Now the price of plane tickets for domestic flights is cheaper. You can just check it on Traveloka or other Online Travel Agent (OTA) sites.

Last I checked for flights from Jakarta around IDR 600,000 for one way.

At Traveloka there is also a package price where if you order the hotel directly, the price is much cheaper.

Incidentally, I got a ticket + 3 nights hotel for around IDR 2 million, and even then because I flew from Pekanbaru.

It should be cheaper from Jakarta, maybe Rp. 1 million.

Well, for own PCR test around RP 700,000 – 800,000.

2. Motorbike Rental Fee

Arriving at the airport you have 2 options – directly rent a motorbike (transmitted to the airport), or take Gojek/Grab to the hotel first.

If you are already quite familiar with Bali and the luggage is not too much, you can just rent a motorbike.

Just search online, there are many who offer monthly motorbike rentals. The cost for renting a motorbike is around IDR 600,000 – 700,000 per month.

When you rent, make sure the motorbike is in good condition, check the completeness of documents such as vehicle registration, helmet, or raincoat.

I recommend taking photos or videos, especially if there are scratches so that there will be no problems when you return them.

3. Residential Cost (Kost)

Next, what you need to pay attention to if you want to work from Bali (WFB) is to find a place to live or boarding.

You can search on the internet, usually the ones that appear are sites like OLX or Mamikost.

Well, first determine where you want to stay. Is it in the area of ​​Seminyak, Kuta, Ubud, Sanur?

I personally prefer Sanur because every morning there is free yoga at Karang Beach.

Sanur is also quieter, more suitable for early morning children. In addition, if you want to be close to Seminyak, you are also close to Ubud.

I also like the Renon area, it’s more homey. If you’re in Seminyak/Canggu, it feels like a holiday vibe.

Before I went to Bali, I had contacted several boarding houses near Sanur, there were 3-4.

I just went to check the boarding room directly. Finally found one that fits.

Regarding the price, the cost of renting a boarding house in Bali is quite friendly. The default for rooms with AC are around Rp. 1.5 million – 2 million.

That price is quite comfortable. It just doesn’t include electricity (use tokens).

Also check whether your boarding house has wifi, yes the name also wants to work from Bali.

4. Food and Shopping Costs

When it comes to food, in Bali you can still get it price IDR 20,000 – 30,000 for 1 portion. I happened to meet a caterer, so I didn’t bother going out every day to buy food.

When you just come to Bali, you have to prepare a budget for shopping for daily necessities, for example, such as detergent, brooms, etc.

Yes, just prepare more or less IDR 500,000 for the cost of buying this one.

In addition, there will be a fee for laundry, refill tokens, or gasoline. Yes, be prepared too.

Details of the total cost for work from Bali (WFB)

Come on, let’s try to calculate the total cost that you have to prepare if you want to work from Bali (WFB):

  1. Flight ticket + 2 nights hotel: IDR 1,000,000
  2. PCR test: IDR 900,000
  3. Motorcycle rental: IDR 600,000
  4. Boarding rental: IDR 1,500,000
  5. Shopping and others: IDR 700,000

So more or less the total cost you need to prepare to work from Bali (WFB) is around IDR 5 million just be careful.

Well, that’s more or less some tips that I can convey. So, are you interested in working from Bali?